‘Treachery of Style’ Series

jordan 1 Treachery of Style Series

There are certain items that, over time, take on a special significance well beyond that of the material object itself. Taking inspiration from Belgian artist Rene Margritte’s ‘The Treachery of Images’, we had creative director of Moxy Creative House Glenn Michael expand on the notion of representation from not only a visual standpoint, but a cultural one as well.

With items like the bike from E.T., Air Jordans, & Michael Jackson’s rhinestone glove, there’s a deeper significance beyond the sum of their parts; one that, although hard to quantify, remains an undeniable aspect of how we perceive them.

glove 1 Treachery of Style Series

boxers Treachery of Style Series

bike 1 Treachery of Style Series

belt Treachery of Style Series

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