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  1. If this is the space for advice requests then thank god. if not then Im sorry i wasted your time.

    Okay so this is going to sound really really childish, very shallow and vain and conceited. In fact this email in my eyes sounds like all the flaws and weak points of men in one long whine.

    I don’t normally hold any stock in sartorial advice: I’m not in any way interested in GQ, FHM or Mens Health and I have never owned a suit or a shaving product other than my old razor, shaving brush and Palmolive shaving PASTE; not the aerosol stuff but the soap that comes in the tube. it works and I like it.

    But I need help. Im in a band. And we have that whole post-punk feel to us. Pretty much like every other band out there right now but we are actually pretty good and are starting to get quite a following. The problem is that I am six foot four, I weigh about 100 kg and although quite brawny have these child-bearing hips. No amount of working out (hate excersise anyways) is going to change what is really my basic body structure.

    My pet hate is that all four of us like that “cowboy shirt” look; flannel shirt with jeans which looks really really good. But we cant all wear it on stage. Then we look like that Lilly Allen video and we don’t want that: thats just childish. I wore a t shirt and jeans the other day at our last gig, stood out okay (this time NONE of us wore cowboy shirts subsequent to the last show where we all did) but I still don’t look like I belong in a well oiled, hard as hell, rock and roll band. I look like the 30 year old guy who works in a guitar shop and always will. I don’t want to.

    What kind of stuff can I wear that doenst involve skinny jeans and suspenders and skinny ties but that still projects the image I want. I would sell my unborn child to look like Ian Curtis or Johnny Greenwood. But I don’t: I look like an off duty cop.

    • Hey Chris,

      We’re here to help you, so don’t even think that this is a waste of our time. We wouldn’t be doing this site if we didn’t think talking about clothes all day was fun.

      I’m firing off a quick email to you so I can get a better fix on what you’d like to get out of your clothes.


  2. I love many items you feature on here, but I can NEVER find where or how to purchase them… There is always some link, but all it has are more images of these coveted materials. Give me something to work with people…

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