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  1. You have an article dated, I believe, December 14, 2010…’What to look for in a gym bag’. You show a picture of a red, white and blue gym bag in the article. Any idea where I can buy this bag? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information as to where to purchase that duffle bag, however we did find this great colorblock bag available here. Hope that helps!

  2. A couple of weeks ago, I accidently left my favorite leather backpack (of 19 years) in a taxi. I was devastated. Because of this, I need to get myself a new leather backpack and so I have been on The Carry looking for one. I have just gone through hundreds of backpacks and I have also searched all of the related links you’ve provided. Unfortunately, there are maybe one or two really nice leather backpacks but even they do not fit my purposes. All of the other backpacks are made of canvas or some other sort of fabric. Please, Daniel, help me find a killer leather backpack. I wish you could do an article about the 50 best leather backpacks known to man. I would be more than willing to contribute to an article as a tester. All the Best.

  3. To whom it may concern,
    I just want to pass along a tip on my bag company Tucker & Bloom. We design and manufacture our bags to help people carry their technology and personal stuff, while looking fresh and still have money in the bank.

  4. Hey Daniel,

    I do publisher relations here at and was hoping to speak to someone about advertising on your site. I tried your contact form, but it wouldn’t send it through. Please contact me at my email address that I provided.


  5. Hi Daniel,
    We’d love to send you samples from John Allan’s Shaving Line of products. Do you trial and review the product? Also are you having a Holiday Gift Guide? Looking forward to hearing back! Please email me for more information. Best, Lovely Hoffman

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