• Dior and I Film Excerpt

    Video: “Dior and I” Film Excerpt ft. Raf Simons

    ‘Dior and I’, a documentary that chronicles the creation of Raf Simons’ first Haute Couture collection for the House of Dior, premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 17th, 2014. For more information on the film, head here.

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  • miranda-kerr-main

    Video: Miranda Kerr “Sunny Side Up” For LOVE Magazine

    For Easter Love Magazine presented us with a simple and sexy plot: Miranda Kerr goes for lunch with the Easter Bunny, and he moans to Miranda about how nobody believes in him anymore. Miranda comes up with the idea that they should swap places for the day. So the bunny goes off to a Love […]

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  • Blind-Barber-Williamsburg-02-630x420

    A Look at Blind Barber’s New NYC Shop & Bar

    Men’s Grooming outfit Blind Barber have opened up their latest outpost in the epicenter of trendiness; Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In an interesting twist, the traditionally styled barbershop morphs into a slick bar in the evening hours. Along with libations, the shop will provide full-service grooming services for men, as well as stocking an array of high-end […]

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  • Don't Look Down NYC Wall Painters

    Video: “Don’t Look Down” The Real Mad Men of NYC

    Imagine strapping in, clipping on, and jumping off the roof of a building – every day. In an age with instant communication at your fingertips and digital marketing on every platform, there are those who still get out messages the old-fashioned way, with a paintbrush and some attitude. They call themselves “wall dogs,” says one […]

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