10 Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

Top 10 Halloween Movies 10 Horror Films To Watch This Halloween

We know, every red-blooded male loves a classic ‘leaves little to the imagination’ Halloween costume on a girl, but you haven’t planned a costume, & it’s cold outside. So what do you do? Why not crack open a beer & enjoy some classic horror films? Here at Everyguyed we’ve assembled a list of 10 of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. And if you disagree? Why not let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page?

10) The Evil Dead


A group of young adults travel to a cabin and discover a ‘book of the dead’. From here on out, an evil spirit in the woods, takes possession of the campers (Except Bruce Campbell). Who than need to be destroyed with unconventional, out of date special effects. With only one, groovy survivor left, it’s an all out chainsaw, hack fest against the evil dead, until sunrise.

A lighter dish of horror that’s meant to be eerily funny. A movie that leaves you feeling trapped, waiting for the inevitable despair, looming all around the characters. A frightening success, despite its low budget and cheesy lines.

9) Shaun of the Dead

Shaun is your average guy, who hasn’t gotten very far in life. Attempts at winning his ex back have been poorly timed with a recent zombie apocalypse. Seeing opportunity to show his worth, he’ll attempt to save his friends, family and get the girl he loves. The freshest zombie flick around, as far as undead goes. A comedy horror with a great mix of terror, gore and laughter.

It’s not everyday you get to prove yourself while the dead are walking. An adventure of introspection and love while everyone else is trying to eat you.

8 ) Quarantine

A reporter and her cameraman are assigned a night shift interview with an LA fire station. Responding to a routine 911 call turns deadly when the woman they’re trying to help is infected with an unknown virus. Unable to escape the building with a lockdown in place, sick residents start to turn on one another. Now every soul in the building must fight to survive while the infected numbers rise. When the quarantine finally ends, the only evidence remaining is the news crew’s videotape.

Buckle up for a scary ride. Full of suspense, guaranteed to startle you and your guests with a first person, POV experience.

7) The Loved Ones

Brent hasn’t had the easiest life, but that’s all behind him when he gets to take his girlfriend to prom. After declining an invitation from another girl, he soon finds himself hostage, at the mercy of his new admirer. He gets to participate in a private gathering full of glitter, pink satin, nails and power drills where he is the entertainment.

A sweet story tainted with twisted love and obsession. Ride this tale out and root for prince charming as he struggles through the deadliest date of his life.

6) IT


Apparently it was terrifying growing up in the 60’s. Seven outcast kids, band together to survive the terror of a psychotic neighbourhood bully and the serial killings of a demonic, shape shifting clown. Only after defeating it, do they realize that it has resurfaced 30 years later. Now as adults, they must honour a promise they made to return to their home town and do battle with it once more.

A psychological thriller, forcing you to question every move, each individual makes. Although the movie is three hours long, your heart will pound for each character you’ve grown attached to as they face their fears.

5) Cujo

Donna, a frustrated housewife with marital issues takes her five year old son on a trip to fix the car. While on their way we learn to love the cute Saint-Bernard named “Cujo” who lives with the mechanics. Unfortunately he’s been bitten by a rabid bat and doesn’t appreciate the company of others anymore. When Donna arrives with a broken car, no cell phone or water, she’s trapped with her son with a beast lurking outside, looking for a new chew toy.

A terrifying thriller, showing you simplistic horror when you’re not able to do anything while you and your loved ones are in mortal danger.

4) Saw

After a refreshing nap from being chloroformed, two strangers wake up in dirty, cell-like bathroom. Chained to pipes and disoriented, they soon realize they’re in a game of life and death. The rules are simple, one must die before 6:00 or the family of the one man will perish. With an escalating plot with new problems at every corner, will these two find a resolution where they both escape alive?

The first in a degrading series which is a heart wrenching masterpiece. Focusing more on the morals of a person, revealing their true nature overtime. Rather than focusing on a stereotypical villain.

3) The Strangers

After a wedding reception, a couple with a troubled relationship take off to their isolated vacation house. When things are finally looking up, they’re disturbed by a knock at their door. What ensues is a violent encounter by three masked strangers. Without any reason or justification for these attacks, the couple is pushed to their breaking point in order to survive this fright filled encounter.

One of the few horror films we strongly suggest not watching alone. A psychological thriller, leaving you not only scared but paranoid of every sound your house.

2) Halloween


Michael Myers, a young boy who murders his sister and is institutionalized. Many years later he escapes, days before Halloween, looking to return home. The town has since forgotten the tragedy and is unaware that a force, only fueled by rage and evil is quickly approaching. Now the unsuspecting victims are in for more than a treat this Hallows Eve as Michael returns home to a greet a new family.

A true classic horror which still stands for its time. Not only will it frighten you but the music played throughout the film is guaranteed to chill your bones.

1) Dracula

Renfield, a man traveling to Transylvania to finalize the transfer of Carfax Abbey in London to Dracula. After reducing poor Renfield to nothing more than an eccentric thrall, the count fixes his gaze upon the lovely women of England. Concerned with their health, Dr. Van Helsing is brought in, where he soon realizes a vampire is responsible. Will he be able to stop this undead menace in time before his friends and their family are reduced to nothing more than an evening meal?

A true origin in horror, with over 28 remakes in the last 80 years. The original Dracula is a testament to all vampire cinema. The most accurate remake of the novel to date with solid acting and stage performance.


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  1. The original ‘Rec’ is much better than the American adaption ‘Quarantine.’
    I think ‘The Descent,’ ‘Slither’ and ‘Alien’ stand head and shoulders above ‘Cujo,’ ‘Saw’ and ‘The Strangers.’

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