Burberry Heritage Collection

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Image Source: Burberry/Facebook

When you think of the trench coat there should be only one brand that comes to mind. Burberry.

It’s been that ever since World War I after Thomas Burberry after he was commissioned by the British government to create survive the brutal trenches. Following the war, it’s said that some half a million men were wearing trench coats. Since then, the coat with its iconic plaid lining as been worn by everyone ranging from Hollywood heavyweights to foreign correspondents to fashionable men looking for protection against the elements.

Maintaining its legacy as the quintessential raincoat, Burberry has recently launched its Heritage Collection.

The collection offers new trench coats that come in varying styles, lengths and colors, like Honey, Stone and Black. Each coat was handcrafted in Castleford, England and a combine modern style with a traditional look that made Burberry an icon in the first place. In other words, this is the raincoat everyman should have in his arsenal.

Here’s a closer look at the Burberry Heritage Collection.

The Sandringham

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The Kensington

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The Wiltshire

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The Westminster

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You can  purchase the collection by visiting the official Burberry site.

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