Video: A. Sauvage for Dr. Martens ‘The Student’

Dr. Martens have solicited designer, director and photographer Adrien Sauvage for a collaborative ‘Made in England’ footwear collection. To mark their offering, Mr. Sauvage directed this stunning 7-minute short film titled ‘The Student’, showcasing the four styles. Model Craig Roberts plays the role of ‘the student’, with his actions being outlined by an unseen narrator, reminiscent of the kind of educational films most familiar to those born before 1990.

The collection features four iterations: Midnight Blue Patine, Praline Patina, British Woven Kente Silk and Patent Praline. All shoes feature a premium Made in England construction and of course the famous ‘Bouncing Soles’ that Dr. Martens has made so iconic. Expect these Fall/Winter 2012 models to hit Dr. Martens retailers soon.

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