Top 5 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes

With the return of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia this week for a 9th season on FXX, we thought it would be appropriate to make a short list of our favorite episodes. Sure, there’s going to be dissent over what’s made the cut, but for the (sadly) uninitiated, we hope this list starts what’s sure to be a long and laughable relationship with this mad-cap show.

1: The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

“You should see him feast, he’s like a mantis” – Mac

Dennis has a fool-proof way of seducing women, leaving them with a desperate need to be with him. In introducing the D.E.N.N.I.S. System to the rest of The Gang, Dennis makes a bet that he can indeed win a woman back after the plan’s completion. Meanwhile, Mac implements M.A.C. (Move in After Completion) and becomes competition for Dennis while Frank hopes his plan to feast on the scraps will land him some nookie.

2: Mac & Charlie Die

“He was going to, and I quote, “Rape you until the room stinks” – Parole Board Guy

A two-part episode which features Mac and Charlie faking their deaths in and lie to the parole board about Mac’s felon father. Always a dynamic-duo, this is the perfect introduction to one of the great comedic relationships on television.

3: The Nightman Cometh

“For what it’s worth, I think the rape scene went really well” – Frank

An entire episode centered around the staging of a musical withe express purpose of professing one’s love? Yes, please. Fun fact, the cast actually went to Philadelphia to do a live, full-length version of ‘The Nightman Cometh’ one weekend.

4: The Gang Buys A Boat”

“…because of the implication” – Dennis

Thanks to a little venture called DickTowel.com, Mac, Dennis and Charlie finds themselves $2500 richer and decide to buy a P-Diddy shrimping boat. This episode is full of so many great one-liners that people get tattoo’s of them. Seriously, this is a show that commands devotion.

5: Mac & Charlie Write A Movie

“…but here’s the thing…..we show it. We show all of it” – Dennis

Dennis and Charlie write a movie about a scientist (played by Dolph Lundgren) that can…get this…SMELL CRIME. With the innovative element of showing full-penetration (thanks to Dennis), this M. Night Shyamalan caper is sure to be a blockbuster hit.


Erik Adler

Erik Adler

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