Cosmetology: A Growing Industry For Men

Cosmetology has often been perceived as an industry more suited to women, but with many notions founded in decades past, this perception is quickly changing. Readers of Everyguyed are sure to have noticed the increasingly large market for men’s grooming products and services, so much so that we even have an entire site dedicated to grooming: FinerCut. The male grooming industry is expected to grow to over $33 billion in the coming years, which means that for men in the know, a lucrative career is in the cards. If you’ve been thinking about making a career change, check out this great info-graphic below from Ogle School.

Ogle School IG Cosmetology Not Just for Women Anymore 7 1 Cosmetology: A Growing Industry For Men

Erik Adler

Erik Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for Alpha Brand Media. An avid cyclist, when he's not working he can be found restoring vintage bikes for his collection. Proud Estonian. Not so proud Ticats fan.
Erik Adler

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