10 Jackets You Need To Own This Fall

If you made the mistake of flipping the calender, then you know that summer has unofficially come to an end. While we’re going to miss sundresses, trips to the beach or enjoying a ball game in the sweltering heat, there are actually some great things about fall.

Football. Delicious seasonal beer. Women in skimpy Halloween outfits. And, jackets.

Yep. Jackets. We can’t enough of these essential fall accessories. Besides keeping you warm from the dropping temperatures and protecting you from the elements, jackets can give your wardrobe that much-needed pop. Whether it’s a sleek leather jacket,  warm bomber, or practical pieces such as a trench or windbreaker, there are than enough stylish options to heat-up your fall ensemble.

With so many options out there, we decided to do the leg work for you and present the following 10 jackets that you need to own this fall.

adidas Pro Wind Jacket

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Not exactly the sexiest jacket here, but a great investment for $75. This classic jacket is highlighted by a media cord routing and a water-repelling DWR finish for ultimate weather protection.

BAPE x Alpha Industries MA-1 Tight-Fit Bomber Jacket

bape x alpha ma 1 tight fit 01 10 Jackets You Need To Own This Fall


We don’t have one negative thing to say about this collaboration between A Bathing Ape and Alpha Industries, except maybe the price tag.  This lightweight and contemporary rendition of the iconic MA-1 jacket could very well be our favorite jacket of the season. Make sure to grab it at BAPE stores and online.

Filson Tin Cruiser-Extra Long

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This jacket was originally worn by the Pacific Northwest’s timber cruisers. It’s tough and durable because it’s wind and water repellent. It also looks pretty sharp. Definitely worth the $275 if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Club Monaco Coaches Jacket

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For those chilly fall evenings casually out and about, this is a nice item to have in your closet. This can keep you warm for $198.50 at Club Monaco’s online shop.

M. Nii Low Pressure Jacket

su13 MNE3600 625 LowPressure jacket large 10 Jackets You Need To Own This Fall

M. Nii

What’s not to love about this Red Ginger/Horizon Blue surf club jacket? It’s stylish and made from the finest finest Japanese cotton/nylon fabrication.

RVCA Jeano Jacket

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Sometimes a simple twill jacket can go a long way. Specifically when it will only cost you $86.

Supreme/Schott Leather MA-1

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Supreme New York

Overall, we’re really impressed with what Supreme has to offer this fall. But, if we had to chose one item from their collection it would have to be the bold collaboration with Schott, the originators of the motorcycle jacket. Amazingly awesome and badass.

N:Ow Roots Varsity Jacket

14 10 Jackets You Need To Own This Fall

The Time Is Now

Varsity jackets seem to be one of those timeless pieces that get minor tweaks every now and then. The varsity jacket from The Time Is Now is a vibrant addition for those who are the adventurous type.

Nigel Cabourn Hunting Jacket

26 08 2013 nigelcabourn huntingjacket army1 10 Jackets You Need To Own This Fall


This jacket may be on the pricey side, $795.00, but it’s a unique spin on a typical wool jacket. Besides offering some serious heat, we dig the whole military/hunting vibe this jacket has going on.

Zara Contrasting Faux Leather Overcoat

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If you’re seeking something in the high-fashion department that has a contemporary take on a classic overcoat, look not further. This may not offer the best protection from the elements, but it’s one sharp jacket.

Albert Costill
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  1. These are definitely the right Jackets for the fall. I bought the first one at Burlington Coat FActory. They had a really good deal on it. It was about $30 less there.

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