Top 5 Menswear Editorials

Top 5 Menswear Editorials Top 5 Menswear Editorials
The kind, tireless people at Cravat nominee Steel Machines have compiled this beautiful look at 5 of their favorite Menswear Editorials from 2010.


elvis Top 5 Menswear Editorials
Photographer: David Sims

Making a rare editorial appearance, Claude Simonon dons the perfect quiff and shows off the perfect pout in a tribute to the one and only Elvis Presley.

Masculine Collections

masculine Top 5 Menswear Editorials
Photographer: Driu & Thiago

Don’t bother with ghost hunters, Julien Chanca and Mathias Bilien appear as one of the most handsome apparitions you’ll ever see. Their ghost-like appearances haunt a house full of memories, seemingly like lost souls.

River Deep, Mountain High

riverdeepmountainhigh Top 5 Menswear Editorials
Photographer: William Jaspert

Inspired by the Ike and Tina Turner song of the same name, five boys take off to the mountainside where they enjoy a day’s adventure of hiking, swimming, and other shenanigans.

I Live Where The Sky Ends

theskyends Top 5 Menswear Editorials
Photographer: Tomas Falmer

How far can you go when the sky seems almost endless? Matteo Martari and Simone Bredariol prove that it’s no tropical paradise, but instead is a gritty and almost apocalyptic desert of barren life.

Pucker Up Kiss My Swag

puckerup Top 5 Menswear Editorials
Photographer: Ali Kepenek

Set with a 1980s theme and playing with the camera any way he can, Dominique Hollington also teases the viewer with everything he’s got and shows there is no way to resist his charms.

Steel Machines

steelmachines logo Top 5 Menswear Editorials

Hello, my name is Liberty and I hail from Southern California. The goal of Steel Machines has always been to provide everyone with high quality scans of editorials, both new and old, for graphic-making purposes. I hope my site will always provide the best in picture quality, as well as curating classic stories in the years to come.

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