The Unveil: Isabel Marant For H&M Men’s Lookbook

Isabel Marant HM 3 Vogue 25Sept13 pr b 592x888 The Unveil: Isabel Marant For H&M Mens Lookbook

If there’s a fashionable lady in your life, then you could’ve have come across the name Isabel Marant. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, just know that she started a French fashion house back in 1994 and is kind of a big deal. She’s recently designed collections for Swedish retailer H&M, which have been causing some commotion in the fashion world. Normally, this high-profile collaboration would generate enough buzz on its own, and, we here at EveryGuyed wouldn’t even cover this topic. But, the H&M partnership with Isabel Marant will also include her first ever men’s collection.

This isn’t exactly breaking news. It was announced in June that this collection was going to include menswear. The breaking news is that we don’t have to speculate or just stare at sneak peeks any longer. The entire lookbook has been unveiled. And, there are some really fascinating items.

The collection includes a lot of standard pieces of clothing, such as solid tees in white or grey, leather belts and suede boots. But there’s also some incredible standouts, such as the biker-inspired leather pants and the wool cardigan featuring prints directly from the Southwest. We could go on, but we’d rather have you explore the lookbook and then give us your opinion. Was it worth the wait for Isabel Marant’s first ever menswear collection? Or should she stick to women’s items?

By the way, the collection drops November 14, so you better start making a plan of attack. This is going to sell like crazy.

[via Vogue.co.uk]

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