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Killer Fashion: JAWS

The Killer Fashion of JAWS Killer Fashion: JAWS
Today marks the release of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 Oscar-winning breakout classic ‘Jaws’ in a fully remastered Blu-ray format, so here at EveryGuyed we’re revisiting the distinct era-defining fashion of the film. In a film that features a John Williams score, uber-quotable lines uttered by Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws also featured some beautiful east coast ensembles that look at good soaked in blood and seawater as they would on the streets of your city.

Picture 4 Killer Fashion: JAWS

The problem with chunky knit sweaters like the one on the right is that most people only wear them in the deepest months of winter, when a beautiful sun-drenched tan like Robert Shaw’s is a distant memory. The contrast of such a heavy knit – which even in summer is perfect at a cottage or cabin where temperatures drop at night – with skin tone that says you spend you time outside is amazing.

Also, the hat pictured above looks like it’s straight out of the Supreme catalog, ready to be rocked by one of the Odd Future crew: simple waxed cotton holds that distinct bend in the brim, taking a regular piece to a whole new level.

Jaws also featured some beautiful east coast ensembles that look at good soaked in blood and seawater as they would on the streets of your city

Picture 5 Killer Fashion: JAWS
Just because you’re not out on the boat doesn’t mean you can’t take the nautical influence into the office, like the Mayor of Amity, New England. This nautical print jacket is the kind of thing that so many American heritage labels are putting out right now (think J. Crew, L.L. Bean Signature, or GANT). Combined with the over-the-shoulder Mac coat, this is sartorial flourish at its best.

Picture 81 Killer Fashion: JAWS
This shot of Roy Schneider is pretty much perfect and could be on any inspiration board of any designer. The fitted – but not too fitted – t-shirt featuring those beautiful angled sleeve hems, a beyond chunky leather belt accentuates the athletic waistline.

Also, check out this great video outlining the intense process that goes into remastering a classic like Jaws for the larger-than-life home screens and high-def players of today. Oh, and go ahead and pick up the Blu-Ray over at Amazon.

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