John Galliano – A Fuhry for Fashion

galliano1 John Galliano   A Fuhry for Fashion

Some have hailed it as an ‘End to the age of the omnipresent fashion designer’, but we simply feel that Galliano’s recent neo-Nazi outburst is the kind of controversy worth poking a little fun at. With that in mind, we created two posters: ‘A Fuhry for Fashion’ & ‘Official Designer of the Third Reich’.

We here at EveryGuyed certainly don’t support the ill-minded views of this former Dior designer, but we can say we do support his move to check himself into rehab, and we’d even support him taking a look at these two designs and realizing how sad it is that he practically wrote these jokes for us.

galliano2 John Galliano   A Fuhry for Fashion

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  1. I actually kind of think it’s clever. I mean, I understand that the subject it addresses is controversial…but certainly having a sense of humor about it at least starts a conversation.

  2. it’s not bad… but:

    this is not the right font i think, seems a little bit english… and why yu’re writin’ “GaLLiano” with SS??

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