H&M Spring 2014 Video Lookbook

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Now that the holidays are finished and 2014 has arrived, we’re officially done with winter. While Mother Nature might have something else to say about that, we’ve already had enough of the freezing temperatures and snow. Even though we’re still bundled up, it’s time to look ahead to sunnier days. Which means, we need to start making space for some springtime gear. And, H&M is helping us get ready for the warmth of Spring.

The Swedish retailer recently released an inspiring video lookbook that showcases some of the styles for Spring 2014. The 3-minute long clip features model Sasha M’Baye, along with Fanfarlo’s ‘Lens Life‘ playing in the background, wearing transitional garments – meaning neutral colors that can be worn year round. Solid colored garments include white button-down shirts, dark pleated trousers, cuffed chinos, knee length shorts and even jackets for the cooler Spring evenings. Also included in the line are sunglasses and baseball caps, just so that you have your accessories as well.

Besides the solid colored options, there are also pieces featuring some trendier patterns. Horizontal stripes, floral and camouflage prints are highlighted in the clip too. Nice additions to the line for some additional flair.

Despite opening up its first store in Västerås, Sweden back in 1947, Hennes & Mauritz AB has become one of the most buzzed labels in the world as of late. Known for trendy and casual clothing with an affordable price tag, it’s not shocking that people from all over the world would be embracing the retailer. And, the Spring 2014 Lookbook is just another example of why H&M is on the rise.

You can expect the mens H&M Spring 2014 collection to be released on March 6, which is actually right around the corner.

Until then, burn off those extra pounds from the holidays in some sleek athletic gear from H&M. Yes. You read that correctly. H&M is also launching H&M Sport this month. The line will include all of your workout gear – tees, running shorts, etc. – and had input from members of the Swedish Olympic team. We’re sold. Have a look for yourself…

Catch the mens H&M Spring 2014 video lookbook below and let us know what you think. Are you going to fill your closet with these items? Or, are you going to pass for another retailer this Spring?

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