The Golden Cup: The EveryGuyed Guide to the Jockstrap

Ah, the jockstrap. Nearly every guy has a memory of when he was first introduced to this simple device; whether it was during pee-wee hockey, baseball, or football, at some point a young man is told that the family jewels need to be put in a safe from time to time.

So, we hear at EveryGuyed have decided to give this noble cup its due, having collected some fascinating stats on this device that is too often forgotten, until it answers the call.

The Cup1 The Golden Cup: The EveryGuyed Guide to the Jockstrap

Natasha Ferro

Natasha Ferro

Natasha Ferro received her Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Everyguyed.com, and an avid feline enthusiast. She owns one cat, 'La Bianca Ninja'.

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  1. Good for Natasha to bring up this male torture device! We women laugh really hard when seeing someone’s balls strung up like this, must be super embarrassing for them. Glad we don’t have to deal with it, huh ladies?

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