3sixtenn Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

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Even if you’re not getting your hands dirty on a daily basis, it’s absolutely acceptable to step outside in some killer workwear. It’s a clean and classic look that’s probably not going to fade away anytime soon. And right now, there’s one brand perfecting workwear; 3sixteen.

Every piece of clothing is made right here in the United States, more specifically New York and L.A. That may not be the biggest selling point, but it works for the brand’s vision of creating quality products that are built to last.

For Spring/Summer 2014 3sixteen launched a small run that includes tops ranging from selvedge chambray workshirts, traditional Japanese prints and a 3/4 sleeve lightweight indigo-weaved jacquard. As for bottoms, there are the choice selvedge chino and 12 oz. denim. There’s also a couple of lightweight jackets, like the blouson and black waxed canvas, that round out this incredible seasonal collection.

To help showcase the latest line, 3sixteen teamed up with Robert McMillen (the head barber at Blind Barber) for a photoshoot that took place at Knickerbocker Manufacturing in Flushing. The old warehouse was definitely a great choice to compliment the line.

Check out the lookbook below and then make your purchase at 3sixteen’s online shop.

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