Weekly Roundup: June 2nd

Weekly Roundup1 Weekly Roundup: June 2nd

1)Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West ‘No Church in the Wild’

2)Bleu de Chauffe for French Trotters Accessories

FrenchTrotters BDC 02 Weekly Roundup: June 2nd
Inspired by the great outdoors, old friends Bleu de Chauffe and French Trotters have been hanging out at the workshop, whittling and filing away to create this small selection of goods. Made in France from Organic leather and canvas, A ‘Bivouac’ rucksack, iPad case and camera strap are available in browns and blues, allowing you to match up for a day in the hills/library.

3) Bushukan Multi-Pair Sunglasses Stand

bushakan eyeglass stand 1 Weekly Roundup: June 2nd
Some Kickstarter cool from Bushakan. For those with multiple eyeglasses and sunglasses, this idea is great. A multi-pair eyeglass stands carved from woods including ash and walnut. Comes in a three or five pair size. They are pricey though: the starter comes in at $275 shipped. While simple, we hope this opens the field up for new designs. Made in San Francisco.

4) ACNE Spring/Summer Blazer Collection

Acne ss12 blazers 01 540x360 Weekly Roundup: June 2nd
Acne are always spot on with their cuts so we were happy to discover their suit jackets for Spring/Summer 2012. Linen, nylon and cotton, all lightweight, sit somewhere between regular and slim. Acne can tend towards the skinny but have got the balance just right with these more formal jackets (trousers remain leg hugging). Some super simple, others with interesting details such as elastic panels and ribbon pins under the lapels with matching trousers on some styles, a nice selection for the hotter weather.

5) Russel Moccasin Co. for Nepenthes Oxford Shoe

russell moc nepenthes 02 Weekly Roundup: June 2nd
Russell Moccasin of Berlin Wisconsin have been making outdoorsmen/women friendly footwear since 1898, you may remember us losing it a little over a pair of navy leather boots a while back. Here we see a collaboration with Nepenthes Japan that also has us smiling, oiled tan leather with some subtle brogue detail, these sturdy ‘Oxford’ shoes are slim and smart enough to wear outside of those hunting trips.

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