Video: How the New Yorker Selects Their Iconic Cartoons

CBS’ 60 Minutes journalist Morley Schaffer takes an insightful look into how The New Yorker select the 16 cartoons that make it to each of their weekly issues. The piece focuses on Bob Mankoff, who reviews thousands of submissions from professionals and readers, many of which are rejected. Perhaps most famously, the cartoons have become known for their cryptic, high-minded sense of humor (as lampooned in this episode of Seinfeld). You can check out an archive of the New Yorker’s cartoons here.

Erik Adler

Erik Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for Alpha Brand Media. An avid cyclist, when he's not working he can be found restoring vintage bikes for his collection. Proud Estonian. Not so proud Ticats fan.
Erik Adler

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