Top Face Moisturizers For Men

top face moisturizers for men Top Face Moisturizers For Men

Putting your best face forward has never been more important than it is now that winter is reeling its ugly head. So protecting your mug from the cold should be your number one priority this season. You’ve probably never thought that moisturizing was very manly before, but think of it as taking care of your skin so that you can look great for years to come.

There are hundreds of products on the market for a good-looking man like yourself, so we here at EveryGuyed have found five of the top products for five common skin types; normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. We’ve got you, and your face covered – literally.

Normal Skin

For all of you lucky gentlemen out there blessed with perfect skin, we’ve picked Lab Series Skincare for Men Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15. Packed full of antioxidants, this lightweight formula goes on smooth and is easily absorbed, delivering continuous hydration all day long.

Top Moisturizers For Men 01 Top Face Moisturizers For Men

Even though it’s winter, you’ll still want to keep your skin safe from the sun with an SPF and Lab Series has got this in mind. Not only will the Daily Moisture Defense Lotion minimize signs of aging, you’ll see a definite improvement in your skin’s overall appearance.

Available at Sephora.

Dry Skin

Dry skin in general is irritating, but when the cold strikes, prepare for your face to undergo some serious damage if you’re not well moisturized. That’s why we like Clinique’s Maximum Hydrator.

Top Moisturizers For Men 02 Top Face Moisturizers For Men

An intense moisturizer that rehydrates and firms your skin, this anti-aging miracle drink for your face is the answer to all your dry skin prayers. By triggering your skin’s ability to build and hold moisture, you’ll hardly believe you ever had dry skin in the first place.

Another tip? Add a thin layer of Vaseline on top of your moisturized face to seal the moisture in – you’ll stay hydrated all day.

Available at Sephora.

Oily Skin

Combat oily skin once and for all with D R Harris’s Cucumber & Roses Milk Lotion. Featuring a light lotion that practically glides on your skin, this moisturizer also packs a mild, natural antiseptic to get rid of your trouble spots.

Top Moisturizers For Men 03 Top Face Moisturizers For Men

Leaving your face fresh and clean, you can kiss your clogged pores goodbye with this miracle lotion. You should also know that if D R Harris is good enough for the Prince of Wales (they’re his official chemists), then you’re in great hands.

Available at The Gentleman’s Shop.

Combination Skin

If you’re prone to outbreaks but have dry or normal spots as well, you’re considered a man with combination skin. Don’t worry though – you won’t have to buy two different types of moisturizer because we’ve got the solution for you with REN’s Matte Balancing Fluid.

Top Moisturizers For Men 04 Top Face Moisturizers For Men

With all the advantages of a regular moisturizer, REN’s balancing fluid also features extracts from the Mayblossom, Chamomile, Blue Cypress and Konjac root to help decongest, heal, normalise and purify your skin. Who knew that something so tiny, packs such a massive punch?

Available at Mankind.

Sensitive Skin

If you’re having problems finding a moisturizer that doesn’t irritate your skin, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve found this Celestial Moisturizer by Lush.

Top Moisturizers For Men 05 Top Face Moisturizers For Men

Though it’s true that most perfumes and added ingredients can irritate the skin, items like vanilla water and almond milk are two that do the complete opposite. That’s why Lush combined the two and put them in this moisturizer.

Helping to calm irritated skin and relive redness, this moisturizer not only smells great but your skin will look great too.

Available at Lush.


Whatever your skin type, there’s a moisturizer out there to protect you and to keep you looking your best. Look for key ingredients when buying a moisturizer that will specifically target problem areas you may have.

Maintaining a skin care regimen will not only keep your face fresh, but you’ll wonder who that good-looking guy is every time you pass a mirror.


Skin care crisis? Moisturizer questions? Use the comments box below to canvas the EveryGuyed community and staff for help, or just share advice and tips!


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  1. It is VERY odd to see an article including REN’s Matte Balancing Fluid today. My girlfriend gave it to me three days ago. I began using it at night upon receiving it. I’ve woken up the past two morning just amazed. Of course my skin isn’t absolutely flawless already, but it did try out the 1 or 2 annoying red spots I get every other month or so. I REALLY needed it for ingrown hairs in my neck. This product was suggested to my GF at Niemuns. 2. I have yet to see improvement on the actually ingrown hairs as I haven’t shaved since I got it. Wedding today so I’d rather wait until last minute to avoid the gross red dots that enhance the visibility of literally 100+ hairs ingrown in my neck.

    Just a side note: I sometimes pull out hairs that are….hand to, whatever anybody want to, I have squeezed out a TWO inch ingrown hair from my neck. Average is like a centimeter that can be tweezed out right after shaving. Not a good idea because it just makes you bloody, have bigger marks, be pain and ensure that the problem will not be fixed from the source of the problem. It was just what my girlfriend was told by a long term family friend. He had recently sold my Mother and Girlfriend(gift for me) an amazing designer shaving kit(basically the art of shaving, but….better haha). THAT has been great to my skin.

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