Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under

2007 12 14 wrapped gifts Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under
Here at Everyguyed we know what a struggle it can be to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. What will they appreciate? What’s something he’ll be glad to show off? Will he actually use it? These are all questions that have plagued the minds of many and have become commonplace for gift givers trying to decide if their thought will count or will be overlooked. Not to worry. We’ve scoured through webstores, battled through the trenches, and have done the brunt of the leg work for you, so you can focus on the more sincere aspects of the holidays, like spending time with your family. Over the course of the next three weeks we’ll bring you a new installment of our four-part gift guide designed to suit any budget. We’re guaranteeing that these gifts are not only foolproof, but are bound to improve the recipient’s life in one way or another.

J. Crew Classic Leather Plaque Belt

 Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under
Every guy needs a sharp leather belt that will pair well with virtually everything in his closet. The problem is most guys either don’t have one, or own one that’s seen better days. Enter J. Crew. Their engine-turned belt buckle on a sleek 1” leather belt comes in both brown and black leather, and is about as classy as it gets. Sure, there are options out there made of 100% alligator leather, but they are going to run you at least ten times what you’ll pay from this version from J. Crew.

Why it Won’t Miss: A good belt is something that guys seldom buy themselves, but will forever appreciate. ($49.50 at J.Crew Online)

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15

facial fuel Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under
There once was a time when most men would cringe at the thought of spending money on non-drugstore brand grooming gear. Thankfully times are changing and more guys are realizing – with the help of their girlfriends, no doubt – that there are benefits to using quality toiletries. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel with SPF 15 is arguably one of the best moisturizers for men on the market, and definitely won’t break the bank either. Using this stuff is the equivalent of taking your skin on an extended holiday.

Why it won’t miss: The added SPF 15 in Kiel’s version is not something you’re going to get from most off-the-shelf moisturizers, yet it will help protect his face from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays, which can attribute to early signs of aging. Trust us, the amount of compliments he’ll get on his fresh, youthful looking mug will have him smirking now through July. ($25-35 at Khiel’s Online)

Rugby Ralph Lauren Skull & Bones Card Case

pPOLO2 6098336 standard dt Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under
Yes, he owns a wallet. Or, at the very least, something that resembles a wallet, but chances are it’s a standard bi-fold model that’s causing more harm than good. The beauty of this card case by Rugby Ralph Lauren is that its sleek, slim profile won’t be protruding out of the back of his pant pocket, and won’t leave him digging through it trying to find his ID in a pinch. The skull-and-bones lining adds a little extra oomph to its design.

Why it won’t miss: Whether he cares to admit it or not, he’s probably extremely uncomfortable carrying around a bulky wallet that’s become more of an extension of his body than an accessory. By helping him avoid the Costanza complex, you’re keeping him from developing a multitude of health issues that may occur from a sitting on slant. ($35 at Rugby RL Online Shop)

Boardwalk Empire:The Complete First Season

BE 3D BD packshot2 Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under
Every guy loves TV, that much is a fact. Regardless of where he stands, this HBO – soon to be classic – show is chock-full of the usual guy’s guy suspects; power, money, nudity, violence, and is sure to help him kick off the new year thankful he’s not living under prohibition.

Why it won’t miss: This show has something for everyone, which might explain its mass appeal. Plus, bonus he’ll now have the goods to prove that he was an original fan of the show when the series gets renewed again and again. ($45.99 at Amazon)

InnerSpace Memory Foam Pillow

Pillow Christmas Gift Guide Part One: $50 & Under
When it boils down to it we spend a third of our lives between the sheets. But the odds are against most when it comes to sleeping on the right pillow. Memory foam pillows are nothing new, but this one by InnerSpace is a cut above the rest. What separates these from most competitors is that they’re actually made from shredded memory foam, which is not only supportive but allows for an even amount of pressure to be distributed amongst the pillow. The result: a better night’s sleep.

Why it won’t miss: This is kind of item he may not appreciate at first, so don’t be surprised if he’s a little puzzled by your gifting choice initially. But once he makes the swap for this quality pillow, he’ll be thanking you every time he sees you. ($44.99 at Amazon)

Stay tuned for part two of our four-part gift guide next week where we’ll discuss the best gifts for him under $100!

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