5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring

Picture 8 5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring
Depending on where you live you might either be lamenting the latest snowfall, or enjoying the first warmth of the spring months. Either way, it’s time to start thinking of updating your wardrobe for when the mercury finally starts rising and a lightweight blazer is the perfect foundation piece for the season. Versatile enough to be dressed up or down, a blazer has the chameleon-like qualities needed for days when afternoons can get as warm as the evenings can get chilly.

Linen is the big story for the 2013 season, a fabric long revered for its exceptional coolness in hot weather but substantial enough to be used in an outer layer like a blazer. Those familiar with linen may associate it with the cheesy, easy-to-wrinkle suits worn by Caribbean tax cheats, but through using modern weaves and blends linen is more fashionable and functional than ever. Basically, it’s perfect for use in a piece like a blazer. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled 5 lightweight linen blazers that will serve as a strong spring foundation to any man’s wardrobe.

Uniqlo Men’s Premium Linen Blazer

Picture 2 5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring
What’s great about a label like Uniqlo is that you can get a ‘premium’ linen blazer for a bargain price ($79 USD). Granted, it won’t be the quality of some of the other pieces in our list, but it’s not always about how much you paid as much as how you wear it. A nice feature of this jacket is that it’s ‘half-lined’ to provide a little more weight and warmth for nights when your patio plans may have been a little ambitious temperature-wise. With a fantastic price point and 5 colorways to choose from, you might be tempted to pick up more than one. Available at Uniqlo.

Missoni Slim-Fit Knitted Linen Blazer

Picture 3 5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring
At the other end of the spectrum is this knitted linen blazer from Italian textile house Missoni. Best known for their in-your-face patterns, this piece demonstrates that their designs can be used discreetly in a smart contrasting lining. Knitted from a linen-blend for a more distinct fabric texture, this blazer has a decidedly modern slim-cut that’s less forgiving that most blazers when it comes to those who are less than athletic. Still if you have the slim body – and the fat wallet – it’s a beautiful piece. Available at Mr. Porter for $1450 USD.

H&M Classic Linen Blazer

HM Classic Linen Blazer 5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring
Another stylish piece at a reasonable price is this classically-style linen blazer from Swedish design powerhouse H&M. Featuring a lightly brushed linen for texture, this fully-lined jacket skews towards the warmer side of our list, so it’s the perfect piece to pair with a light scarf on cooler days. Available in 4 colorways, this is a great piece for the budget conscious. Available at H&M for $69.99 USD.

Todd Snyder ‘Unstructured’ Linen Blazer

Picture 5 5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring
The most casual piece in this list, Todd Snyder’s ‘Unstructured’ blazer pays homage to linen’s history: a cool fabric for warm climates that takes well to being worn casually. The grey cloth is woven from a cotton and linen-blend, which gives it a lightly crumpled, textured appearance that perfectly complements the relaxed structure. Though this design does limit how ‘dressed up’ one can make it, for those who are most comfortable in casual garb this is an essential piece to see you through the season. Available at Mr. Porter for $695 USD.

Billy Reid ‘Lexington’ Linen Blazer

Billy Reid Lexington Cotton Linen Blend Blazer1 5 Lightweight Linen Blazers For Spring
Alabama designer Billy Reid knows a thing or two about beating the heat, and this ‘Lexington’ cotton linen-blend blazer is the perfect piece for warmer climates. Through using a cotton linen-blend, Reid retains the cooling properties of linen while increasing the heft of the fabric to allow it to keep a more formal blazer structure. Available now at Nordstrom for $595 USD.

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