Top Men’s Skincare Kits and Gift Sets

Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets 1 Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets

With the holidays just around the corner, and you panicking slightly because you’ve yet to get yourself into gear and get that perfect gift for your dad, we’ve taken the liberty of taking the stress out of your last minute holiday shopping with our top 5 men’s skincare and gift sets.

And because you know your father-in-law probably isn’t going to appreciate that soap on a rope you thought sounded really cool, EveryGuyed has got everything from shaving kits to your essential skin care solutions for every man on your list. And hey, if you decide to keep all 5 for yourself, we’re not going to judge. After all, tis the season for giving.

The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave by The Art of Shaving

Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets 2 Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets
Shaving can get tedious, so why not liven things up a bit with this great shaving kit by The Art of Shaving? Available in an unscented, lavender, lemon or sandalwood fragrance, the unique blend of botanical ingredients and pure essential oils are perfectly formulated for men with sensitive skin, ingrown hair, razor burn or tough beards.

Containing four great products – pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a shaving brush and an after-shave balm, you’ll wonder why you ever used warm water and soap to shave that mug of yours. Available at Sephora.

Jack Black Core Collection

Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets 3 Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets
For the no-fuss man in your life, there’s the Core collection by Jack Black. Easy to use products and a simple regimen are what make this gift so practical. Featuring a 2-in-1 facial cleanser that preps you with shave ready skin, a pre-shave cream that conditions and softens hairs and a daily face moisturizer that contains a built-in sunscreen. Hey, even though it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean that can’t skimp on good skin care. Available at Sephora.

Anthony Logistics for Men: A Clean Start Kit

Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets 4 Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets
Five of the best products by Anthony Logistics for Men are stocked in this Clean Start kit ready for you to give to that special guy in your life. Cleanse, exfoliate, prep, shave and soothe with this set of highly effective facial care products.

Featuring a facial cleanser, a facial scrub to gently remove dead skin cells, shaving cream, an after shave balm to prevent razor burn and soothe the skin and a lip balm to smooth dry lips. Take care of yourself, or help your dad with his skin care regiment by investing in this starter kit. Available at Sephora.

Mankind Skincare Best Sellers Kit

Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets 5 Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets
Purveyors of fine grooming, Mankind has handpicked their best sellers and conveniently packaged them into this kit. It’s just like they were reading your mind. Featuring a facial cleanser by Anthony Logistics, a pore minimising detox mask by REN, a moisturizer by Biotherm and age rescue eye therapy by Lab Series for Men. A great way to try out new products or for the man in your life that’s never even heard the word ‘moisturizer’ before. Available direct from Mankind.

Decleor Men Essential Skincare Kit

Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets 6 Top Mens Skincare Kits and Gift Sets
Introduce the men in your life to the wonders of great skincare with this essential skincare kit by Decleor. Containing five essential products to keep you looking and feeling your best, this kit contains carefully selected products to provide you with a great stepping stone towards a daily skincare routine.

Featuring a skin scrub gel to exfoliate and soften stubble, a triple action shave perfector serum to leave your skin smooth for a trouble free shave, a shave foam gel to reduce the risk of irritation, a soothing after shave fluid to end shaving discomfort and a toning shower and bath gel because the rest of you needs to look good too. Available at Look Mantastic.


There’s plenty of choices for every kind of man on your holiday list this year.

  • For the hirstute man, pick up the The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave by The Art of Shaving, a great starter pack loaded with everything from shaving brush to pre-shave oil.
  • For the more practical man, give him the Jack Black Core Collection, a basic skincare and shave kit that takes care of skin without needing a whole lot of work in the mirror.
  • The man serious about skincare but not sure where to start, would appreciate the Anthony Logistics for Men Clean Start Kit, a comprehensive skincare set perfect for beginners.
  • Not sure what to get? The Mankind Skincare Best Sellers Kit packs a collection of the best, most popular skincare products on the market, so you can mix and match and find a brand that works for you.
  • Looking to splash? The Decleor Men Essential Skincare Kit is a great premium skincare package, made up of Decleor’s organic, natural skincare products.


With these five great gift ideas, you no longer need to put off holiday shopping for even the hardest to please. From shaving kits to basic start skin care collections, it’ll be hard this holiday season to not want to keep these goodies for yourself.


Found another great skin care gift set that you want to share? Need inspiration for more great gifts? Use the comments box below to canvas the EveryGuyed community and staff for help, or just share advice and tips!


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