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Top 5 Grooming Trends

Top5 Grooming Trends Top 5 Grooming Trends

EveryGuyed editor Erik Adler lets us in on the secrets of men’s grooming, with this look at some of the most popular themes and trends happening in the world of men’s personal hygiene.

The Revival of the Barbershop

barbershop Top 5 Grooming Trends
The logical reaction to years spent surviving the ‘metrosexual’ movement; the return of the barbershop was perhaps one of the most culturally significant shifts in men’s grooming in 2010. Not only were men able to receive the services of a focused barber – as opposed to a stylist killing time between more lucrative female clients – they found themselves lingering, conversing, and above all reconnecting.
Men are trading a $60 salon cut with complimentary cucumber water for a cut that costs a third less and comes with a beer, and needless to say few ever look back.

Heritage Haircuts

Heritage Haircuts Top 5 Grooming Trends
This trend is closely tied to the revival of the barbershop, in that more and more, men are looking to the past to understand who they are, and ultimately, what it means to be a man. After the cycling of frosted tips, Caesar cuts, and hipster shag, the emergence of short, shaped cuts a-la-shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire are a welcome change. They’re low maintenance, and look great anywhere from the barstool to the boardroom.

The Return of Razors

ReturnOfRazors Top 5 Grooming Trends
Over the past few years if you happened to find yourself in one of the trendy neighborhoods of a given city – your Brooklyn’s, Silver Lake’s, Parkdale’s – you would be forgiven for thinking that you stepped into some short of urban logging community. Beards were big, literally and culturally, and although it had its charm at the time, that day seems to have passed.

The beard was a perfect salve for a world mired in financial, environmental, and cultural turmoil. Being clean-shaven works in much the same way, acting as a moment of respite in a world obsessed with all things online. You can’t tweet while shaving. You can’t check Facebook. You can’t text. What you can do is take a moment away from all of that distraction to prepare for the day ahead and celebrate that beautiful face of yours.

Natural Colognes

NaturalColognes Top 5 Grooming Trends
Sure, the big brands know what they’re doing, but some guys have taken it upon themselves to get a scent that stands out in a crowd.

The key with natural colognes is their use of essential oils as a base instead of the usual alcohol; which means that not only do the fragrances have a longer shelf life, they blend more easily with one’s natural chemistry.

DIY Skincare

DIYSkincare Top 5 Grooming Trends
Okay, so this one is probably going to hit its stride in 2011, but 2010 still saw the emergence of a movement towards home made skincare products. Generally the provenance of those most committed to grooming – or those hit hardest by the recession – home made products allow for guys to experiment with their skincare and gain some sense of agency with it. If you haven’t tried this, head out into the wilds of the Internet, where you’ll find a myriad of recipes and forums headed up by guys that treat skincare products with the same attention a sommelier does wine.

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Erik Adler

Erik Adler

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