Six Essential Grooming Items For Men

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While it may seem that male grooming is more of a recent phenomenon, men have been conscience of their appearance for centuries. Literally. Neanderthal men, according to archaeologists, filed their teeth and painted their face and body. Ancient Egyptians used cooper razors to shave and oils to prevent skin from aging. Throughout the Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries, upper class men were spraying themselves with fragrances. If you want some more recent evidence of modern male grooming, go visit your dad or granddad and ask him about the barbershop.

Yep. Men have been pampering themselves pretty much since the beginning. And, if we believe that we don’t need some grooming from time to time, just remember this. You could look you extremely dapper in your custom made suit. But, if you’re not groomed, that suit is just a waste of money because people will remember you as the guy with unkempt fingernails, long nose hairs and a razor burned face. That’s not appealing whatsoever.

To make sure that you always appear dapper, here are six grooming kits that every man should own. Not only will they give you a properly maintained appearance, they won’t overtake your bathroom and can be easily transported while traveling.

Shaving Kit

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Do yourself a favor and chuck those disposable razors if you own them. They’re garbage. And, that’s where they belong. If you’re in a bind, an electric razor or the Gillette Fusion Starter Kit will do a serviceable job, but for the cleanest shave you need to invest in a proper shaving kit. This usually includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, badger brush and, of course, a razor – or at least similar products. The Art of Shaving is probably your go-to-shop for all your shaving needs. However, there are also some fine options over at Mr. Porter.

All-in-One Trimmer

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If you have a beard, then you should already own a beard and mustache trimmer. It just keeps things nice and neat. Even if you’re not of the bearded type, an all-in-one trimmer should be in your possession for all your manscapping needs. Whether you need to trim those pesky nose or ear hairs or want to cut down the hair on your chest, something like the Wahl 9818 is worth the buy.

Grooming Kit

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We all need to clip our nails and take care of other detailing issues, such as nair hairs. That’s when a nifty grooming kit like Tweezerman Deluxe Grooming Kit comes in handy. The kit includes your basic essential grooming items, tweezerette, stainless steel fingernail clipper, facial hair scissors, and pocket nail file. And it comes in a convenient storage case so that it can tag to the office or while traveling across the country.

Skincare Kit

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We really do a number on our skin, what with the daily beating of shaving, sweating and getting dirty from a hard day of work. And, we often neglect our skin. That shouldn’t be a problem any longer with this handy grooming kit from Aesop. It includes everything you need to keep your skin looking healthy, such as a face cleanser, hydrating cream, shaving serum, spray-on moisturiser and lip cream. You could always buy these items separately, but having everything in one kit just makes life so much easier.

Hair Products

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Unless you’re sporting a shaved head, this is another essential item. Since everyone has their own preference and loyalty to certain brands, we’ll leave that up to you. Just be certain that you own a comb, shampoo, conditioner and some gel for styling. One final piece of advice. If you have problem, such as dandruff, make sure that you find a shampoo that takes care of that. Dandruff is never a good look.


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Since no one wants to funk a place up with their stench, cologne is another essential item. And, if worn correctly, the ladies will be enticed by the scent. Just remember to not bathe yourself in it and have a couple of different scents to rotate, this just changes things up a bit. You probably already have a preference, but something like Armani Acqua Di Gio or Armani Code is a good place to start. The only problem is that a lot of other men wear this scent so you won’t really stand out. But, check out some of the other suggestions here.

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  1. I like the tips. All good products especially the cologne. The secret spot that a lot of men should put just a tad bit of cologne on is right behind the ears. That way when a girl whispers or hugs you, they smell a glimpse of it. If you’re looking for some more colognes to choose from, check out best mens cologne and you’ll find what women like… nice post Albert!

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