Weeky Roundup: May 6th

Weekly Roundup11 Weeky Roundup: May 6th

As a new feature, every week we’re going to select 5 of our favorite posts from across the network & bring them all together here. There’s no set ‘theme’ or limitation to what we post, it’s just anything that really caught our eye. Just click on the images to see more! Enjoy.

1) Video: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co 1960′s IBM Clock

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. partnered with IBM to exclusively produce their iconic 1960s standard issue wall clock. A perfect reproduction of the originals, you can now go further back into the analog age with this steel cased icon of decades past.

2) Michael Pitt for Panorama ICON Magazine Prada Editorial

Michael Pitt Icon 02 400x540 Weeky Roundup: May 6th

Permanent pouter Michael Pitt once again dons the robes he was seemingly made for, a Prada editorial for Italian magazine Panorama Icon draping him in the seriously smart Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

3) Video: Mr. Porter Interview with Marc Hare

4) Undercover for Uniqlo ‘UU’ Diseny T-Shirt Collection

undercover for uniqlo uu disney t shirt collection 1 Weeky Roundup: May 6th
Undercover has created a line of what is far and away the most amazing series of Disney branded shirts we’ve ever seen for Uniqlo. The “UU” T-Shirt Collection finds various iconic characters and images drawn from the whimsical and imaginative world of Disney

5) Video: Kate Upton w Terry Richardson ‘Cat Daddy’

There’s no need to explain this.

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