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Top 10 Classic Style Editorials

Top 10 Classic Style Editorials Top 10 Classic Style Editorials

Cravat winning blog, The Gentleman’s Gazette has compiled a list of 10 of his favorite pieces from the past year.

Collar Pin

collar pin Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
An overview of the classic men’s collar pin, a must-read feature if you’re the kind who wears neckties regularly.

The Stroller

stroller Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
A feature exploring the Stresemann suit, a German variant of the Stroller, an intriguing men’s day coat.

Shirt Guide: Material

shirt guide Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
The Shirt Guide shows you what is important in terms of quality when buying a shirt. A great coverage of the various materials used in men’s shirting.

The DIY Boutonniere Loop

boutonniere loop Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
The loop used to hold a boutonniere in place behind your lapel, this valuable illustrated guide shows just how to make a boutonniere loop for yourself.

The Unfastened Waistcoat Button

unfastened waistcoat Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
Fastened, or unfastened? Clear up any confusion with this feature that explores the tradition of leaving one’s bottom waistcoat button unfastened. A fine look at the history behind it.

Collar Stays

collar stays Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
Keep your collar crisp with this look at collar stays and just what goes into each stay. A must-read for those shirt lovers out there, this article focuses on different kinds of collar stays for your shirt collar.

Drape Explained

drape explained Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
A simple, illustrated explanation of the English drape and London Lounge drape, it’s worth a read for anybody interested in just how their suit fits, and is meant to fit.

Paletot: The Double Breasted Overcoat

paletot Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
Look at the history and characteristics of the Paletot, a classic double breasted topcoat with peaked lapels. A fine full length coat for the real gents out there.

The Ulster Topcoat

ulster topcoat Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
All you need to know about the Ulster topcoat, an informal country coat, usually made out of Donegal tweed, and originating from the Irish province of Ulster.

The Guards Coat

guards coat Top 10 Classic Style Editorials
A clear, practical look at the classic English Guards coat and just what makes up a Guards coat.

Gentleman’s Gazette

Gentlemans Gazette photo Top 10 Classic Style Editorials

Sven Raphael Schneider is the founder, editor-in-chief and owner of the Gentleman’s Gazette. He first developed an interest in classic men’s clothing in high school and subsequently it grew into his greatest passion. After graduating from law schools in Germany and the United States, he now resides with his wife in the US.

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  1. Great article barring two glaring errors.

    One: The collar pin is not making a come back. Ever. Any respectable gentleman who wears a suit daily would get laughed out of his meetings for looking like an idiot.

    Two: The DIY boutonniere loop. When you buy a good suit, that is already there.

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