The Best Jeans For Your Body

the best jeans for your body The Best Jeans For Your Body

You know the pair. It’s the same pair you reach for when you’re going to walk the dog. The same pair you put on when you’re getting ready for that big date.

They’re your trusted, go-to jeans and the reason why there are two big holes in both legs of your them is not because you willingly put them there as an homage to the 90’s.

You know that deep down, you’re really dreading to get a new pair because shopping, especially jean shopping, is far worse than sitting through another screening of The Notebook.

Before you bust out that bowl of popcorn and get out the tissues, EveryGuyed wants to let you know that with our help, shopping for jeans doesn’t have to cause you to run away in fright.


No, ‘fits’ does not mean when you try on your first pair of jeans and they fit, you should buy them. Fit describes the multiple types of jeans there are on the market – wide leg, boot-cut etc.

There are four different types of fits: boot cut (close fit with a slight flare towards the bottom), relaxed or wide fit (loose-fitting from waist to bottom), slim fit (tapered but not form fitting), and straight cut (neither tapered nor excessively loose).

Unfortunately, not every fit will look flattering on you, and it’s more of a “knowing what your body type is” rather than trial and error.

With our foolproof body type guide below, you should be able to find out what fit is best for you.

No, ‘fits’ does not mean when you try on your first pair of jeans and they fit, you should buy them.


There are three basic rises when it comes to men’s jeans – low rise, mid rise and high rise. The most commonly worn rise would be the mid rise jean, resting right around your belly button.

From there, you can pretty much figure out that low rise jeans fall below the belly button and high rise jeans are above.

There’s always a risk to you not looking your best if you decide to don the high rise jean – prepare for the ‘mom jeans’ comments behind your back, gentlemen.

Low-rise jeans are also risky if you don’t have a particularly slender or muscular body type. Trust us, the muffin-top isn’t flattering on anyone.

There are three basic rises when it comes to men’s jeans – low rise, mid rise and high rise. The most commonly worn rise would be the mid rise jean, resting right around your belly button.

Body Type

The first thing you need to understand about buying the best jeans for your body is understanding what your body type is. Short, tall, skinny or heavy-set, there’s a pair of jeans just waiting to be discovered by you.


Muscular builds look best in a wider leg, drawing attention to a toned body. Avoid slimmer jeans as they can make your hard-earned muscles appear bulky. Smaller and wider set pockets can also help to show off that derriere you’ve worked so hard on.


Avoid jeans that are too tight and too loose on your body – you don’t want to look like you’re swimming in your jeans or draw more attention to your skinny legs. Choose a straight or boot-cut jean with a low rise that will flatter your figure.

Tall and Lean

You lucky mug – almost any fit will flatter your body type, so be happy that you’ve been blessed in the genetics department. Straight and boot cut jeans will show off your body, whereas if you’re going for a more casual look, the wide leg jean is the perfect alternative for you.


Avoid boot cut and straight cut jeans, as the flare will just make you appear heavier. Instead, opt for a wide-leg jean. Larger and deeper pockets that are closer together are a great choice for those that fall into this category, as these pockets can make your butt look smaller.

The first thing you need to understand about buying the best jeans for your body is understanding what your body type is.

Things to Avoid

Gentlemen, leave the skinny jeans to the ladies. No one wants to see you in your entire glory and leaving more to the imagination is always better.

Avoid jeans that look like they’ve gone through the shredder several times – holes and frays were probably cool when you were 16, but it’s time to leave the past in the past.

Finally, just buy jeans. Avoid the cool, boy-scout patches and multiple unnecessary zippers scattered all over your jeans.

You want to be taken seriously don’t you? That’s what we thought.

Gentlemen, leave the skinny jeans to the ladies.


  • Jean shopping doesn’t have to be a traumatizing experience – there are three different rises: low, mid and high and four different fits: straight, boot, wide, and slim. Finding the right fit and rise for you is dependent on your body type.
  • Athletic and slender types look best in a boot or straight cut jean. Drawing more attention to the right parts of your body will flatter you, and make you look your best.
  • Tall and lean types are lucky enough to get away with any type of cut, but if you want a more casual look, a wide leg jean is the way to go.
  • Heavy-set men should avoid flare cut jeans like the boot and straight cut. For a more flattering look, try on a wide-leg jean that can conceal flaws.
  • Avoid skinny jeans, rips and tears and jeans with a lot of embellishments- they’re not flattering on anyone.


Jean inquiries? Fit and rise questions? Use the comments box below to get help!


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  1. There is no way Wide legs look good on tall lean guys. They don’t complement our body type at all and make you look shorter. Go with slim fit or straight fit to show off your genetics.

  2. Too many people on the web without a clue dictating what type of jeans men should and shouldn’t wear.

    Why has none of them taken note that the most fashion-forward of our society (the younger generation- kids through 30 somethings) have embraced the skinny jean and snug clothing. Quite frankly, they rock them. By constantly ranting against skinny jeans, you simply identify yourself as part of the past or at least as being somewhat out of touch.

    One last thing: It is sexist and borderline arrogant to tell men that if they want to be taken seriously they should lay off the skinny jeans. That kind of statement could easily be reversed and applied to women.

    • You sound like an old man trying to sound young by criticizing someone for being against skinny jeans since it’s what you think young people have “embraced”. Pathetic.

  3. hah, you think anywhere still sells high rise jeans for men (not that i don’t with they would) , you are taking what you know about women’s jeans and trying to apply them for men. noone wears bootcuts anymore and only straight, slim and skinny jeans are ok to wear is respectable society. skinny jeans if worn well can look very stylish.

  4. My son has a barrels chest wide hips bones and no butt.
    Can’t keep his jeans on his butt they slide off
    What brand of jeans do we get to fit him better. Long skinny legs
    With no meat on him

  5. Hi, It’s impossible for me to find jeans that fit other than Levis 560 or 550’s, but they look like they’re right out of the 80’s. I have a long mid section I guess, and the only thing that fits are high rise (which I then pull down a bit) or at the waiste, which has to be a little above the waste or I can’t pull them up at all. Do you know of any stylish above the waste or higher up brand names? I’ve tried everything I can think or, Levi, Lucky, I would pay anything for a pair of jeans that fits. I’m 5’6. 28″ waste with a very athletic/musular body..thanks!!

    • Try Levis 511 I’m 5’7. About the same as u. In the Levis store go to the kid jeans. Look for the size 16 it says that but it’s actually 28×28 which greatly helps and caters to your,height. But remember these are slim/skinny fit if u get them make sure it says 98% cotton and 2% Spandex. Trust me it will be uncomfortable getting a tighter a fit without spandex. You can also cuff the bottom which looks stylish if you do it right. It is also low rise jeans

  6. where do tall (6’1″), slim men buy jeans in ottawa? all i can find are mid rise and low rise…which makes me look like I have an elongated torso..and the jean shops in this town will gladly sell those to a tall man…jeans retail stores need an overhaul or at least some staff education in helping customers find jeans that suit them.

  7. I think that…

    1. You should avoid comments like “leave the skinny jeans to the ladies”. It makes you sound like you don’t know anything about fashion, much less fashion advice. It also makes look like a “hill billy” living in the middle of a farm.

    2. Not all men have strictly “one body type”, we all have different body types. With that said, we do have to do the TRIAL AND ERROR, that’s why fitting rooms were invented.


    3. You shouldn’t be giving fashion advice, especially for men, and especially for jeans.

    P.S—I am gay and I know more about fashion, than you in a million years.


    • I bet most straight guys agree to “leave the skinny jeans to the ladies”. We have not come to that age where all men would want to be as creative as women. Some, if not most men would not want to look a bit too gay.

      Fitting rooms does work, but only those for the likes of you: I-am-gay-and-I-know-more-about-fashion-than-you-in-a-million-years-person

      It’s up to you if you will listen to someone’s advice. If you feel you know better, please do make your own blog. There’s no reason for you to be here since you claim you know more about fashion.

  8. My husband has a 38 waist no butt and no hips skinny legs but he has a belly. What type of jean should he buy. Name brand.
    He is wearing Wranger now but they will not stay up without spenders. Help

  9. I have a pretty athletic build and I like the way low rise Boot cut jeans fit on me when I’m standing. Except when I sit down the belt area digs right into my bladder and the jeans tighten up leaving no breathing room between my crotch and the jean fabric. An especially around my inner thighs…any suggestions on what jeans might resolve this problem?

  10. What kind of jeans is suggested for an athletic shorter man. I am 5 foot 6 inch and a whole 136 lb. Skinny and most slim jeans are to tight in the thigh area. Regulars fit in the legs, but sags in the behind.

  11. Hello.
    I am in desperate need of help.
    When it comes to fashion.
    So I need help picking the right jeans/pants
    My height is 5-08
    My weight is 144 (really skinny like a tooth pick)

    I was considering going with slim straight or just regular straight jeans. All I want is a pair of jeans/pants that fit me well but not to well they can’t be super tight but I want them to be form fitting like they were tailored to my body type not to baggy and loose but not to skinny and tight just form fitting to my body type (tooth pick skinny).

    Thanks I hope someone can help me out.
    I would really apreciate it.

    Also I wanted to know for skinny guys like me is okay for them to were small sizes not extra small just regular small sizes in t shirts long sleeve button down or any other kind of tops for men or should I go with medium size.
    Like I mentioned before with the jeans/pants not to tight but not to loose form fitting to my body type.

    Thanks again.

    I hope you can help me out I would really apreciate it.
    You would be a lifesaver.

  12. I’m 5’7 and 215 lbs. Almost all my weight is in my belly. Midrise jeans don’t sit where they’re supposed to, they fall to below the bulge of my belly. Therefore, my already-short inseam ends up even shorter at about 26″.

    I also look like I have no ass, which is not a huge stretch, but still.

    I’m 36, so beyond the “trendy” age – I just want to look good.

    Before someone comes on and says “lose weight, tubby” – I’m working on it – lost 40 lbs already – but I still have to wear clothes in the meantime.

    Would a low-rise actually work in my case, since pants fall to that level pretty much regardless?

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