Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200

2007 12 14 wrapped gifts11 Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200
Here at Everyguyed we know what a struggle it can be to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. What will they appreciate? What’s something he’ll be glad to show off? Will he actually use it? These are all questions that have plagued the minds of many and have become commonplace for gift givers trying to decide if their thought will count or will be overlooked. Not to worry. We’ve scoured through webstores, battled through the trenches, and have done the brunt of the leg work for you, so you can focus on the more sincere aspects of the holidays, like spending time with your family. Over the course of the next three weeks we’ll bring you a new installment of our four-part gift guide designed to suit any budget. We’re guaranteeing that these gifts are not only foolproof, but are bound to improve the recipient’s life in one way or another.

Brooks Brothers Supima Bathrobe

 Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200
There’s no worse feeling in the morning then getting out of the shower, toweling off, and then freezing your ass off until you slip on your clothing. What every man should have to get him from point A to point B in the morning is a luxurious, comfortable bathrobe. This model by prep retail giant Brooks Brothers is made out of Supima cotton, which has anti-pilling properties that will help keep it looking fresh wash after wash. Go the extra mile with Brooks monogramming service, and have his initials sewn onto the left breast pocket. Trust us, he’ll feel like a king every time he puts it on.

Why it won’t miss: He won’t ever get caught with his pants down when the doorbell rings again – we hope. And if he’s brewing coffee in the morning before getting dressed, he’ll wonder why he never had one these robes before. ( $185 at Brooks Brothers)

Dewalt DC759KA 18-Volt Drill

61xiDlRaCLL. AA1000  Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200
Whether or not he’s just moved into his first apartment or is living the suburban dream, he’s going to need to use a drill at some point for various home projects. This one by Dewalt is a great value for the price point, and comes with all the necessary bits to get you started. Its lightweight, compact design makes it a breeze to use no matter what the size of the project may be. Packaged with a drill/driver, battery charger, two 18-volt compact Ni-Cad batteries, double-end screwdriver bit, and kit box. Three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

Why it won’t miss: Even if he already owns a drill, do you really think he’s going to scoff at getting a backup one? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. ($129.99 at Amazon)

Tom Ford Italian Cypress Eau De Parfum

 Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200
Okay. So our hope is that he’s not spraying on one of those adolescent, gym locker room body sprays that claim to attract the finer sex. Please tell us we’re right? In any case, smelling good these days is considered rather subjective. With so many colognes to choose from, not to mention the countless salespeople spritzing 2” cards for you to carry in your pant pocket for the next year, it can be a rather daunting task to find one that plays off of your body chemistry while still retaining some masculine charm. This Eau De Parfum by Tom Ford – technically over the $200 mark – might seem expensive in comparison to the kinds of cologne you’re used to seeing at large department stores. But it’s well worth the price tag, and is 100% guaranteed to be just as appealing to him as it will be to the ladies in his life. The mix of clove, moss, cypress, and patchouli results in a alluring woodsy scent.

Why it won’t miss: Eau De Parfum is a much stronger scent than Eau De Toilette, which will result in a longer lasting scent throughout the day. We’ve all had a scent at one point or another where the initial fragrance wore off an hour after it was sprayed. Thankfully this option by Tom Ford won’t leave him in that predicament. ($199.99 at Harry Rosen)

Beer of the Month Club Package

monthly beer club Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200
It’s hard to say if there is a better failsafe gift to get a man other than beer, right? Of course, this won’t work if the person you have in mind is straight edge. But aside from that, this one might have the most universal appeal of all the gifts on our guide. For the next six-months the recipient will receive four different beer selections every month. Pretty sweet, huh?

Why it won’t miss: Did we mention this is a beer of the month club? He’ll likely be foaming out of the mouth each and every time he goes to open his monthly surprise. (Rabies not included.) ($197.70 at Beer Club)

Ray-Ban Caravan RB3136 Sunglasses

RB3136 01 Christmas Gift Guide Part Three: Under $200
Great sunglasses are an instant way to elevate a guy’s look in almost any circumstance – provided he’s not wearing them at night, natch. While the classic teardrop aviator shape has been a mainstay for both men and women since the 1930s, there is something less obtrusive and more refined about the squared off shape of Ray-Ban’s Caravan model that looks great on much face shapes. While teardrop aviators can often look like they’re swallowing your face whole, the Caravan will better compliment his facial features, as opposed to hiding them. UV 400 protection. Made in Italy.

Why it won’t miss: Once he tries them on, he likely feel like a more confident version of himself. And whether he’s heading to work in a suit, or tossing them on with a white t-shirt and jeans, he’ll feel like a million bucks. ($125 at J. Crew.)

Stay tuned for our final installment of our four-part gift guide next week where we’ll discuss the best gifts for him over $200.

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  1. Should have gone with the Randolph Engineering Aviators. They are available in 4 different sizes, with 3 different temples and 8 – 10 different lens options (glass to glass polarized to polycarbonate), and the cost less than $200. Just my opinion of course, I’m sure Ray Ban still fits the bill for some people.

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