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Fashion Tips for Skinny Men

fashion tips for skinny men Fashion Tips for Skinny Men
Dressing for your body type is one of the most undervalued, most under appreciated skills that men can learn.

The guiding principle behind things like this is to accentuate your merits, and hide your flaws. For skinny men, the goal is to add some depth to a slender frame; adding a bit of width will go a long way towards making you look like you’re swimming in your clothes, more like a grown man who’s wearing the hell out of an outfit.


Find a blazer with minimal padding in the shoulder areas. Adding padding to the shoulders can make the blazer drape poorly on a slim frame; it also tends to bring attention to itself. Make sure your blazers fit, and fit well; from the shoulders down to the waist.


Although skinny jeans and pants have seemingly taken the fashion world by storm, this is a case where you shouldn’t participate just because you can; keep your pants trim, like a classic pair of Levi’s 501’s.


Just because you’re skinnier than Andy Warhol doesn’t mean you need to show it off. Buy slim cut t-shirts and dress shirts, but don’t buy them so slender that they cling to your frame. You want you’re shirts to accentuate your body type without emphasizing it.

In cooler weather, any fashion-forward skinny guy can start layering fitted pieces with chunkier elements geared towards warmth; when executed correctly the results are fantastic.

General Tips

Skinny men can generally get away with a lot more, but trim cut pieces run the risk of making you look even skinnier than you actually are. As a slender man, you have to ability to really experiment with layering your clothing, which is not only great in changing climates, but expands your style options infinitely.


  • Avoid unflattering cuts that appear to bulky or bunched up on your frame.
  • Buy clothes that are fitted to your frame, but not to the point of hugging it.
  • Use pieces that can add depth and width where you can and want it.
  • Avoid patterns and colors that exaggerate length.


Still confused? Need some suggestions on shirts? Need help adding some depth to your outfit? Use the comments box below for help!


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  1. It’s a pretty good piece written with general concepts in mind. I just wish it was more specific, though. For example, are there any types of fabric to avoid? How about rules for choosing the right colors to make you less skinny? It would be great if those were tackled here too. :)

  2. I am a very skinny guy with a very small budget. I need to wear size 28 pants/jeans but not everyone has them, or they’re all skinny jeans. My shirts look baggy when they’re medium and too short when they’re small. I think maybe fashion isn’t for me , but these tips do work on everyone else

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