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Fashion Tips for Short Men

fashion tips for short men Fashion Tips for Short Men

The world of fashion can often feel like a tall man’s game; but this is nothing but a misconception. One only has to look to some noted style icons to see this: socialite and novelist Truman Capote was only 5’4”, and legendary Rat Packer Sammy Davis Jr. was only 5’3”. They walked like they were a hundred feet tall, and dressed with the same confidence; ultimately, it’s what they’re remembered for.

So how do you channel the style and swagger sported by Truman and Sammy? It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and with EveryGuyed’s ‘Fashion Tips for Short Men’, you’ll look your best at any height.

The Illusion of Height

The thing is that short men, no matter their actual weight, have a natural propensity to looking heavier than they actually are; and it’s an unfortunate optical illusion. So when selecting clothes, the ultimate goal is to try and create the illusion of height in order to balance proportions both actual and perceived.

General Tips For Short Men

  • Vertical lines: The classic way to draw the eye upward is to use vertical lines, like pinstripes, or pencil stripe shirts: subtle, classic, and highly effective.
  • Small patterns: As your body is shorter than average, you’re going to need to adjust your patterns appropriately: fine patterns like hound’s-tooth, or a small check’s work wonders.
  • Stay slim: Highlight your frame if you’re slender; this will naturally create an impression of height, so lean towards garments that are fitted and in slim cuts.
  • Uniform colors: Wearing the same, or similar colors from top to bottom, will be interpreted by the observer’s eye as height: pair a dark pair of jeans with a dark t-shirt, or a charcoal suit with a dark shirt.
  • V-necks: The v-neck collar gives a sense of length to your torso and neck.
  • A good fit: Baggy clothes just make you look squat, so avoid them. A close, cropped, or slim fit will do wonders for you. Though your first impression may be to buy suits that fit you shorter, letting the blazer fall a bit longer isn’t as apparent on short men, and will make the eye think of length.

Great Pieces For Short Men

There are a few pieces that short men should keep ready, as they’ll make them look their best on any occasion:

  • The classic is the pinstriped suit. From Tom Cruise to Truman Capote, every short man looks good in pinstripes.
  • Though it might sound tacky, you want to avoid high-rise pants and stick to pants that hang around your hip. It will elongate your body.
  • Skinny neckties are always a fashionable choice that adds height to your look. Put on a skinny tie when it’s appropriate.
  • Peaked lapels on your blazers and suits also draw the eye upwards, negating the effect of your height.


There are quite a few things short men can do to help their height:

  • Vertical lines, small patterns, and thin, narrow cuts emphasize height.
  • Sticking to a similar color palette tricks the eye into creating vertical length, making you look taller.
  • Pieces should avoid emphasizing width, so as to avoid appearing more squat.

Specific pieces that every short man should keep on hand:

  • The pinstripe suit
  • Lower rise pants
  • Skinny neckties
  • Peaked lapels on suits


Got some more advice for shorter men? Suggestions on how short men can stay looking their best? Use the comments box below!


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