How To Dress For A Formal Event

tuxedo collar styles How To Dress For A Formal Event

Summer is just around the corner and if your social calendar is packed with weddings, christenings, corporate events or formal dinners, you may need to invest in appropriate formal attire. If you have received an invitation that requires you conform to a black tie dress code, here is a stress free guide to dressing for a formal occasion.

Buy Cheap Buy Twice

To create a basic black tie wardrobe you will need a high quality black suit or a tuxedo. French Eye’s dinner suits for men are a firm favorite. A suit or a tuxedo is a worthy investment that you will be able to pull out whenever an invite arrives in your mailbox. There are certain rules that you will need to follow when shopping for stylish formal wear. Don’t go for the cheapest option, it won’t stand the test of time and you will end up having to replace it therefore spending more money that if you had purchased a high quality garment. A suit should look like it was made for you and therefore it is worth getting your suit tailored.

A high quality white shirt is the next item to put on your shopping list. Never wear an old white shirt under a tuxedo. The crisp white shirt should create a stark contrast and add a touch of understated elegance to your look. Once you have the basics covered it’s time to turn your attention to accessories. Cufflinks are essential for any black tie event and you can choose from a range of discreet or dramatic designs. If you want to get creative this is the place to showcase your style.

You will need to finish off your look with a tie or a bowtie. The choice is yours and if you want to keep it simple, a thin black tie or a basic black bowtie will always look stylish. Pocket squares are a popular choice but these are optional so if you are on a budget, this is an expense that you don’t have to endure.
You’ve mastered the basics of formal wear but there is still one accessory that you will need to get right. Footwear is often an afterthought but shoes can make or break an outfit. Choose the wrong color and it your suit will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. If in doubt, opt for smart black dress shoes and wear them with calf length socks.

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Erik Adler

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