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5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style

closet 5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style
We here at EveryGuyed harp on and on about certain classic aspects of men’s style, but even we must admit that there are certain things that go in and out of fashion. Shutter shades lay buried shamefully in the bottom drawer. Trucker caps sit abandoned on coatracks. I’ve got a closet full of cargo pants that the Gap once convinced me to buy.

With that in mind, EveryGuyed has picked five items that we feel never go out of style. Five pieces worth investing in, that will always be able to do right by you.

The White T-Shirt

 5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style
Was there ever any question that this would wind up on top of the list? A classic by anybody’s standard, the white t-shirt first got its exposure from James Dean, and experienced a renaissance of sorts under American Apparel, who made them a quality item again.

Look for cotton, and look for a nice fit that is snug around the shoulders and chest, but not too tight. A great choice with a pair of khakis on your day off, or with another classic of menswear….

Blue Jeans

shutterstock 6217555 5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style
While jeans might come in a variety of washes and cuts, the basic premise behind these hard wearing pants won’t ever change. The trick is finding a good fit and good cut. Avoid anything too trendy when you’re shopping for jeans. Red flags include jeans that taper or flare oddly, unusual washes, and any kind of prints.

Picking a simple, clean pair of jeans ensures that they can stay in your closet and get regular wear for years to come, without being subject to the fickle realities of ever changing trends.

For a change, you can switch things up with a polo shirt, or dress it up with a dress shirt and tweed sportcoat for a casual yet sharp look.

The Navy Suit

Navy Suit 5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style
If you go on sister site, Suitored, you’ll hear me sing the praises of the navy suit all day long – but I’ll do it again here for the sake of thoroughness.

The navy suit is possibly the most complete, most efficient suit purchase a man can make. Picture it matched with a nice pair of polished black oxfords, crisp white dress shirt, and repp tie. Ready for the office, but just drop the tie, and it’s ready for a nice casual cocktail hour with friends.

Splurge a little, and get a nice suit you’re proud to be seen in. Two button, notched lapel is the gold standard, and doesn’t ever seem to go out of style.

Real Khakis

Kakhis 5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style
Whether you call them khakis or chinos, they’re men’s wardrobe essentials that have stayed constant since they first entered the male closet in the 1940s. Modeled after the pants worn by military officers, these trousers are the bread and butter of the working man – whether he works in an office, or not.

Look for a pair made of cotton twill in that classic khaki color. Find a decent weight cotton that has a bit of heft behind them – we’re looking for real men’s pants here.

The standard you measure your trousers against should be the classic military chinos issued to the US Army during the Second World War – unpleated, slightly tapered trousers, made of a heavier cotton. Bill’s Khakis makes a strong pair of pants in this style, called the M1.

The Polo Shirt

Polo Shirts 5 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style
Also known as a tennis shirt, this cotton pique casual option was first devised by Rene Lacoste to keep him cool during matches, while keeping him looking his best. A favorite across generations and classes, the polo comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs.

We prefer ours in pique cotton, a woven cotton that wicks sweat off the skin on hot days. Brands like Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry offer a wide variety of designs, but we suggest something in a solid, classic color is best.

As for the collar? Pop it or leave it un-popped. Generally though, pop it when outdoors only, since it serves the purpose of keeping the sun off your neck.

The Classic Five

Fashion changes about as often as the weather – even menswear. So arm yourself with knowledge, and a closet that includes these five classics that won’t ever go out of style.

  • White t-shirt: The casual wear classic, this first catapulted into prominence on James Dean’s back, and hasn’t left since.
  • Blue jeans: A part of our popular culture since the 1950s, there’s nothing that leads us to believe that we’ll ever get tired of denim.
  • Navy suit: Inoffensive, yet eternally stylish, the dark navy suit is endlessly versatile, and absolutely essential.
  • Khakis: A tough, comfortable choice, derived from old military uniforms, perfect for long workdays, or just lounging about the house.
  • Polo shirt: A smart sportswear option that’s made its way into our cultural zeitgeist, it’s a really nice shirt once you get down to it.
  • Comments?

    Think we might have missed a classic? Use the comments section to vent your style selections and general internet bile.


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  1. You did not mention that polo/golf shirts are a fashion bore. I also suggest khakis in a non-khaki color…such as black or charcoal as a way not to look like your dad.

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