Wood Wood for Clarks Sportswear 2014 Collaboration

clarks tawyer woodz woodwood navy3 1024x720 Wood Wood for Clarks Sportswear 2014 Collaboration

About two weeks ago we caught our first look at the upcoming collaboration between Wood Wood and Clarks Sportswear via a 35 second teaser video, which you can view here.

Initially, we didn’t know what to think. The clip, which featured a falling pair of the navy and burgundy shoes, was interesting to say the least. But, we weren’t exactly sure if they were an essential item for you to have in your possession. That was until we spotted the second video teaser.

The hypnotizing clip features the shoes, along with the bold white rubber sole and rugged leather laces, spinning round and round to a track reminiscent of a Radiohead tune. We weren’t sure what was going on. But, it was enough to intrigue us on the release.

If you’re not familiar with Wood Wood, here’s a quick background. It’s a Danish label that was launched back in 2002 by three designers. Originally, the founders were only looking to do a small collaboration that combined well-made classics with a twist. However, the label has grown into a full range clothing brand that includes t-shirts, jackets and shirts with retail locations in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Berlin and Vienna.

Clarks, on the other hand, has been a staple in men’s fashion ever since 1825; after James Clark had the idea to craft slippers from sheepskin. Today, the international shoe manufacturer remains in Street, Somerset, England and has around 1,000 stores in 160 countries.

Knowing the history of both brands, it’s easy to understand why this collaboration was not only suggested, but also works to perfection. The Danish and updated twist on the iconic Clarks Sportswear’s Wallabee-inspired Tawyer Woodz silhouette is a welcome addition to any man’s footwear collection during the early part of spring. On top of looking sharp, the shoes contain a lightly padded collar and interior bootie that will deliver comfort, as well as, a snug fit.

Expect the Clarks by Wood Wood collaboration to be available exclusively in Wood Wood stores on March 6, 2014 and retailers including Alike. The global release is set for March 15, 2014.

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