Father’s Day Gift Guide: Under $100

Father’s Day gifts can be tricky. As men we crave our father’s approval and like it or not that applies to gifts too. The right gift can be both sentimental and modern, without breaking the bank. It’s your chance to show your dad that you understand what he’s about while giving him something he might not otherwise buy for himself. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of great gifts that won’t break the bank: all of them come in at under $100 but pack plenty of style.

1) London Undercover Umbrella ($95)

Fathers Day Gift Guide Under 100 Dollars Fathers Day Gift Guide: Under $100

From London Undercover comes this beautifully handmade 2-Section Folded Umbrella with a natural Whangee [Bamboo] cane handle. Not only does the umbrella have style, but a strong 10-Rib frame is built to last. What’s nice about this gift is that it’s something any dad will be happy to have and will put to good use for many years. A classic Umbrella with modern convenience, you can shop the London Undercover site for the exact colorway that suits your old man.

2) Everyday Carry Brass Compass ($29.95)

Picture 52 Fathers Day Gift Guide: Under $100

Made in Minnesota, this 1″ diameter brass compass is the perfect accessory to your dad’s keychain. Practical, beautiful and symbolic; it’s a fantastic gift at an equally fantastic price. The man guided you into adulthood, now it’s time to return the favor. Shop Kauffman Mercantile for this and other great pieces.

3) Horn Whisky Tumbler Set ($89)

Picture 71 Fathers Day Gift Guide: Under $100

The Stay Sharp horn tumbler is an object of style and substance, something that your father will cherish. These tumblers are polished to a smooth finish, the horn material prompts a warm and natural feel, something you will find hard to put down. Ethically sourced, the tumblers are produced for Best Made by a 170 year old horn works company in England. If you feel like breaking the $100 pricing limit of this guide, pair it with a quality bottle of scotch. Pick up a pair at Best Made Co.

4) Ursa Major x General Knot Set ($48)

Picture 101 Fathers Day Gift Guide: Under $100

Vermont-based Ursa Major has partnered General Knot & Co. to create a limited-run gift set specifically for father’s day. Limited to 100 sets, the grooming kit consists of the fantastic full-size Stellar Shave Cream (5.3 fl oz) and an exclusive ombre textured stripe pocket square from General Knot. You can pick up the kit now at Ursa Major.

4) Il Bussetto Leather Card Case ($48)

Il Busseto Leather Card Case Fathers Day Gift Guide: Under $100

For the business-minded dad, look no further than Il Bussetto’s card case is handmade in Italy from fine leather in a gorgeous, richly deep tone. A sculptural shape and easy magnetic closure make this an attention-getting piece perfect for your old man. Best of all, online shop Roztayger is offering a limited time discount of 20% for Father’s Day (Code: FF2200).

Erik Adler

Erik Adler

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Erik Adler

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