Top 5 Watches

Top 5 Watches Top 5 Watches

Cravat winning blog Fratello Watches lets us know just which watches this year were worth getting a closer look at.

Fratello Watches – Top 5 Watches

Jean Dunand – The Palace

JeanDunandThePalace Top 5 Watches

The undoubted number 1 of 2010, The Palace by Jean Dunand. This art deco style timepiece (48.2mm x 49.9mm) is an impressive piece of art on your wrist. If you can afford it, that is. $410.000 USD is a lot for a watch, but you once you’ve seen it in the flesh, you – at least – will understand. The flying tourbillon, 2nd time zone and power reserve are carefully packed into this sophisticated piece of technique and art. Brilliant!

Tudor – 1970 Heritage Chrono

Tudor1970Heritage Top 5 Watches

The BaselWorld 2010 Bomb! Everybody was talking Tudor during the biggest watch exhibition in the world. A successful re-edition of a 1970s chronograph for rally drivers. Tudor stepped out of Rolex’s shadow for the first time in years with this affordable 1970 Heritage Chrono.

Glycine Airman Base 22

GlycineAirman22 Top 5 Watches

The 22nd edition of the Airman comes very close to the original version of Glycine’s bestseller. Used by US chopper pilots in Vietnam, this watch has a lot of history and carries a great deal of sentiment for collectors. Glycine keeps it real when it comes to prices; this watch has a price tag of 1800 Swiss Francs (1800USD).

Rebellion T-1000

RebellionT1000 Top 5 Watches

Just like Jean Dunand, Rebellion is probably a brand you’ve never heard about before, if you are not a watch aficionado. Rebellion has strong ties with racecars and their high-tech solutions to problems you could not even fathom. This T-1000 model has, as its name implies, a power reserve of 1000 hours. That’s 40 days. Rebellion created a mechanical movement with 7 barrels that are being wound at the same time and are holding enough power to keep the watch ticking for 1000 hours. As you can see, the owner of this timepiece can admire its complicated mechanical movement from almost every angle.

Rolex Explorer

RolexExplorer2010 Top 5 Watches

The big brand from Geneva introduced a new version of another classic, the Explorer. A watch that became famous after Sir Edmund Hillary wore one on the Mount Everest ascent, it is perhaps even more important for today’s potential wearers as the personal watch of Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond. In 2010, Rolex introduced a new version of this classic model. Like all other recently introduced Rolex models, it has a more masculine size and should therefore be considered a men’s watch again.

Fratello Watches

RJBroer Top 5 Watches

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