The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014

It may not exactly feel like it just yet, but spring has officially arrived. And, with the warmer weather comes longer days with an abundance of sunshine. Which is why now is the best time to find a new pair of sunglasses. Whether you need a pair of sunglasses for your daily commute to work, strolling on the beach or riding your bike on a summers day, here are our top 10 selections that you should buy right now.

10. Randolph Engineering Aviator

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We often associate the classic Aviator style with iconic brands like Ray-Ban. However, Randolph Engineering proves that they can hold their own with their version of the Aviator. These particular shades have been battle tested since 1982 and feature sleek signature bayonet temples with adjustable cushioned silicone nose pads. Available HERE for $179.

9. Oliver Peoples Wyler Sun

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If you have a broader face, and are looking for a modern pair of sunglasses, then you’ve found the perfect pair of sunglasses right. These oversized glasses are also equipped with CR39 Polarized lenses for protection and style. You can purchase a pair at Oliver Peoples’ online shop.

8. Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Square Sunglasses

420e7d18 6502 46a0 b52b 9e74e6e21567 The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014A classic look that have been modified with Marc Jacob’s unique and stylish touch. These lightweight glasses are simple, elegant and would be a perfect compliment to almost any of your summer ensembles. You can pick them up HERE for $120.

7. Shwood Canby Salvaged Series 2

SSCPPGP angle 1024x1024 The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014We were a bit skeptical of these sunglasses at first, but we’re 100% on board now. These handcrafted glasses have been made out of century old tropical hardwoods. Because this wood was used on ships sailing through the Pacific, there is a lot of character found in the frames. These innovative sunglasses can be found HERE for $325.

6. Maui Jim High Tide

323 17 The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014We’re fans of Maui Jim. In fact, it was difficult to select just one pair of sunglasses from the brand. But, if we have to, we’re going with the High Tide. These glasses were inspired by the tides that meet the shores of Hawaii and are perfect for cruising around on a warm day or just relaxing on the beach. And, the frames and lens are saltwater safe. Available HERE for $329.

5. Oakley Fives Squared

2014 03 24 14 59 51 Oakley Custom Sunglasses Goggles Backpacks Watches The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014Instead of us just telling you which sunglasses to purchase, why not customize your own? Oakley allows you to pick everything from the style to the colors for the frames and lens. Since we’re partial with the Fives Square, we went ahead and choose that look. But, for around $120 you can essentially design your own pair of sunglasses.

4. Dirty Dog Banger

53104 zoom The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014You said you had to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of quality shades? For a cool $79.99 you can purchase a pair of comfortable, durable and polarized sunglasses. Not only is the price right, but these glasses are easy to clean and can go with whatever wardrobe you opt for this summer. Grab a pair at Dirty Dog’s official site.

3. Prada Classic

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A tried and true style that has only been enhanced by Prada’s innovative design. These pale gold square metal framed glasses will definitely impress those around you this summer. You can purchase a pair from the brand’s e-store for $290.

2. Ray-Ban Justin

805289526575 shad qt The Top 10 Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2014You can probably never go wrong with a pair Aviators or Wayfarers from Ray-Ban. They are timeless sunglasses that have been favorite for decades. But, why not go with a pair that is a little more contemporary. The Ray-Ban Justin was inspired by the iconic Wayfarer, by have been updated with new gradient frame colors, colored lenses, and a rubberized finish. They are available HERE for $115.

1. Dita Victorie

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Dita could very well be our favorite brand when it comes to sunglasses. While you’re going to pay a lot of money for a pair of their glasses, they are definitely with the investment. You’re just not going to find a brand that put as much attention to detail and quality like you will with Dita. Case in point, the Victorie. Besides the handcrafted temple tips made from Japanese Acetate, these are some of the stylish glasses you’ll find. Invest in a pair HERE for $700.

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