Top 10 Products Made In LA

Top 10 Products Made In LA Top 10 Products Made In LA

The Cravat winning blog LosAngelist lives, breathes, writes, and knows LA, and he gives us the insider track on the top 10 products grown and sewn in LA from the last year.

1. Mechanic’s Sweatshirt by Mister Freedom

1. Mister Freedom Top 10 Products Made In LA

Christophe Loiron is as much a rebel as he is a designer. His label, Mister Freedom, draws from bonafide rebel Americana – vintage motorcycle fashion, WWII-era military garb, and old school blue-collar utility wear. Check out the editorial.

2. Military Boot by Esquivel

2. Esquivel Top 10 Products Made In LA

Every shoe bearing George Esquivel’s name is handmade by master craftsmen in George’s Southern California shop. Don’t believe us? Check out the editorial.

3. “MD” UB04 Bag by Dean

3. Dean Top 10 Products Made In LA
Dean’s MD bag is modeled after the bags that doctors would carry when making house calls a century ago. Everything about this bag – from the hardware to the leather finish – is perfect. Learn more here.

4. Orvis / Mining Pants by Rising Sun & Co.

4. Rising Son Orvis Top 10 Products Made In LA

Rising Sun takes inspiration from those who made denim famous – miners and rail workers who needed their pants to be rugged enough to endure backbreaking, endless work. The label makes all its apparel at its Pasadena shop using equipment and techniques more than a century old. Read more about them at The LosAngelist.

5. S K by Rogue Territory

5. Rugue Territory Top 10 Products Made In LA

Rogue Territory is completely obsessed with denim. They handcraft each pair – including the SK – using much of the same techniques that were used by American manufacturers of the early 20th century. Before you go rogue, read more about the territory.

6. Sunglasses & Case by Temple x Native Son x Mosley Tribes

6. Temple Native Son Mosely Tribes Top 10 Products Made In LA

Talk about an All-Star team. Temple, Native Son, and Mosely Tribes collaborated on a great project – a pair of sweet shades with a translucent frame, and a carrying case made from repurposed WWII-era canvas. Check out the editorial.

7. Leather Bomber Jacket by NSF

7. NSF Top 10 Products Made In LA

Indie clothing label NSF’s take on the classic bomber jacket is simple and subtle, and that’s what makes it a standout. Check out the full editorial.

8. Desert Boot by Seavees for James Perse

8. Seavees for James Perse Top 10 Products Made In LA

Seavees, the “almost LA-based” shoemaker, partnered with James Perse to offer its iconic Desert Boots in a trio of new colors. If you love James Perse, read more about these shoes here.

9. Expedition Duffle by Apolois Activism

9. Apolis Activism Top 10 Products Made In LA

A partnership of three brothers – Raan, Shea, and Stenn Parton – Apolis Activism is about applying the power of trade to promote economic opportunity in developing countries. The company empowers artisans and manufacturers around the developing world by partnering with them to make and distribute a unique collection of goods. Check out the editorial.

10. Francon Pocket Woven Shirt by Caulfield Preparatory

10. Caulfield Preparatory Top 10 Products Made In LA

Caulfield Preparatory was inspired by designer Vincent Flumiani’s fascination with JD Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye.” Flumiani’s love for literature didn’t just launch the menswear label. Each of his offerings – including the Francon Pocket Woven shirt – is based on Finnegan Nash, a character in his own writing. See more.


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PR exec by day and hunter for all things LA by night, Sasha Boghosian runs LosAngelist, a carefully-curated blog about men’s fashion, gear, art, and entertainment – all born in Los Angeles. The blog is all about what’s relevant in locally-produced style – right now – in LA.

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