Review: Pax by Ploom Vaporizer

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The Pax, designed by a San Francisco-based company called Ploom has quickly become known as the Cadillac of vaporizers (portable or otherwise); and based on our experience this reputation is hard-earned.

For those that are unfamiliar, a ‘vaporizer’ is a device that takes your preferred smoking blend and heats it to the point where the active ingredients are consumable in the form of vapor, but without actually bringing the material to combustion. Basically, it’s like the difference between taking a lungful of steam into your body, or a lungful of smoke. Touted as a healthier way to indulge in your habits vaporizers like the Pax have exploded on the market. There’s one big difference though, the Pax, unlike so many competitors, is better in every respect.

Beautifully packaged and designed, the Pax features a slick brushed aluminum body (think a MacBook Air) that is light and easy to handle. Press down and a mouthpiece emerges and the unit comes to life. The small Pax symbol on the device serves as the nerve center, communication things like the amount of battery life left and what temperature the device is operating at (there are three settings to fine-tune your Pax to your preferred smoking blend). Once turned on the device heats up quickly and efficiently, with your product being loaded into a magnetically-sealed ‘oven’ chamber in the bottom end of the device.

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One thing we loved about the Pax is that unlike so many other pocket vaporizers, it has no fan, to using it as completely silent and not like sucking on a miniature blow-dryer. Whatever product you use is inhaled as an ethereal vapor with all the flavor you might expect but none of the harshness that comes with combusted particulates and smoke. Once you stop using it, the device senses it and stops heating, going into a ‘dormant’ mode. It’s easily one of the most intelligent and intuitive devices we’ve ever used.

Priced at $250 USD, the Pax may seem pricey to some, but rest assured that it is 100% worth the cost. You get every bit of what you spend in the quality, accessories and warranty (10 years). Head over to Pax by Ploom now to check out the device in any one of four slick colors.

Erik Adler

Erik Adler

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Erik Adler

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