Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!

george1 Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!

Nothing ruins the crisp, sharp lines of tailored clothing faster than overstuffed pockets. Fashion has taken many interesting turns over the years, but loading your pockets with a George Costanza-like collection of goods is seldom a timeless look. If you are guilty of carrying way too much stuff, we can relate; we’ve all felt the need to ensure our preparedness for every conceivable situation, it’s a tough habit to break. That’s why we reached out to our friends over at the fantastic site Huckberry to discuss their advice on some truly curated everyday carry essentials. Here’s a few of their favorite carry pieces that will help you abandon the bulk and increase your style without sacrificing a stitch of functionality.

1. Wallet

More likely than not, your wallet is the chunkiest offender in your quest for streamlined pockets. Those business cards you accumulated from a networking event in 2007? Toss ‘em. In fact, ruthlessly eliminating all the non-essentials is a must.

If your wallet is still feeling a little thick, it may be time to upgrade entirely. Bellroy, an emerging brand out of Australia who’s sole purpose is to slim your wallet, is a fantastically functional and fashionable choice. We have two favorites for everyday carry: the Card Sleeve and the Hide & Seek.

Picture 5 Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!

If you can handle carrying 2-6 cards, pick the Card Sleeve. This wallet has quick access slots in the front and back for your most used cards, a pocket for folded bills, and a pull tab for your less frequently used cards. It’s slim, stylish and provides enough space for anything you might need to carry on the daily.

One lucky EveryGuyed reader will get hooked up with a free Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet!

Picture 4 Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!

The Hide & Seek is one of our go-to recommendations for guys who need a little more room. Larger in size than the Card Sleeve, the Hide & Seek is loaded with tons of hidden pockets to help Houdini your clutter away. The Hide and Seek is all about maximum storage in a minimalist package.

2. Suspension Clip

Picture 6 Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!

If your keys are constantly contorting themselves into a large, pointy wad at the bottom of your pockets, checkout this Suspension Clip. It clips onto the top edge of your pocket which allows anything attached to remain suspended. This will help your keys lay flat and free up crucial space at the bottom of your pockets.

3. Tiny Lighter

silodrome HBedc 3 Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!
Need a light? Behold the world’s smallest production lighter. This little guy is machined from 300 Series Stainless Steel and can be used as a small candle or even a watertight pill if you remove the mechanism. It uses standard liquid lighter fluid, so you can easily fill it up whenever you need.

4. Micro Keychain Pen

Picture 10 Contest: Optimize Your Pockets With Huckberry & Win!
Call us old fashioned, but we still like to keep a pen on our person at all times. That’s why we love this micro Keychain Pen by Picopen. It’s only 3 inches long and 3/16 of an inch in diameter and clips to your keychain. It also comes with an interchangeable stylus tip for iPads and iPhones if you’re more William Gibson than Tennessee Williams when it comes to jotting down that next idea for your novel.

Any combination of the advice above will get you moving in the right direction, but the folks over at Huckberry want to help you get started right. One lucky EveryGuyed reader will get hooked up with a free Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet!

Here’s how to enter:

Head over to Huckberry.com and sign up as a member. All you need to do is enter your email address and a password, or connect with your Facebook account. Zero commitment. Trust us when we say that you’ll wonder how you got by without their fantastic curated selection of products from amazing brands around the world.

Leave one comment on this post anytime between now and June 9th. You are limited to one entry. International readers are welcome to enter! In the mean time, check out Huckberry to take a closer look at the Bellroy ‘Hide & Seek’ and think about what color you’ll want if you win!

We will pick one winner at random from the comments section of this post. The contest winner will be posted on Monday, June 10th at 12PM EST. The winner will have one week to email contest@everyguyed.com to claim their prize!

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  1. Love the freebie offered for contest winners. But the Huckberry Heater would be even better!! Nothing says “cool” like an old school leather baseball sitting on your desk at work.

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