London Undercover x maharishi “Lunar Bonsai” Umbrella

fff89ee5d69483e38aac8fd5863d7718 London Undercover x maharishi “Lunar Bonsai” UmbrellaIf you stay up to date with your umbrellas, you may have noticed that maharishi (a brand that’s been making utilitarian clothing since 1994) has teamed once again with London Undercover (a brand that’s been crafting fashionable umbrellas since 2008) for one of the more intriguing umbrellas that we’ve ever come across.

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The premium umbrella was handmade in France with a bamboo/whangee handle and Beechwood shaft. However, the most eyebrow-raising feature is the interior lining from DPM’s 10th anniversary pattern; Lunar Bonsai.

f53087028c551d1869036d70468f0e71 London Undercover x maharishi “Lunar Bonsai” UmbrellaHere’s the specific details: maharishi traditionally create a seasonal disruptive pattern within each collection, this Spring Summer the house camo Bonsai Forest is infiltrated by a textural photographic moon surface within the pre-existing heavenly cloud shapes, from which magical bonsai trees grow, now aided by the moon’s bio-dynamic forces.

b188fc9fa42110d1479c9cc35e4c3cdd London Undercover x maharishi “Lunar Bonsai” UmbrellaIf you really want a great conversation piece, or just an elegant and premium umbrella, you can purchase this limited edition piece here for £170.00, or roughly $280.


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