Forget The Bacon, Try These 11 Aphrodisiacs Instead

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Fact. Bacon makes everything taste better. It’s one of the most delicious treats on the planet. But, does that mean you want to smell like the salty pork product?

For some reason, people have been getting a bit too-bacon happy as of late. Whether it’s bacon ties, soap, toothpaste or board games, companies are exploiting our love of the tasty meat. But, one company has take it to a whole new level.

Seattle’s J&D’s has made a name for itself by producing everything from bacon lube to bacon envelopes. And, they’ve gotten a lot of attention for their Power Bacon Deodorant. Curious? Here’s a description:

POWER BACON deodorant is designed specifically for those with active lifestyles – or people who just sweat like pigs.

Using POWER BACON will probably make everyone drawn to you like you were the most powerful magnet on Earth. And by everyone, we mean friends, acquaintances, beautiful strangers, dogs, bears, swamp alligators, lions and even pigs. It’s like an aphrodisiac for your armpits. But use your new power wisely, because with great bacon power comes great baconsibility.

For all day meat-scented protection, apply liberally to your underarms or private areas.

Do not eat or hike in the woods without a firearm while wearing POWER BACON.

Obviously, the company is having some fun with bacon. But, they’re not only the one company to experiment with releasing bacon scents for men. In 2011, there were some options, such as Bacon Classic Cologne by Fargginary. Bacon enthusiasts rejoiced. Convincing themselves that since bacon is so delicious that it has to be an aphrodisiac. But, that might not exactly be the case.

The sense of smell is perhaps the most powerful. And, having the proper scents and fragrances will make you more desirable to the opposite sex. Isn’t that we all really want to accomplish? So, skip the novelty bacon deodorant and use the following scents if you’re seeking an aphrodisiac.

11. Chocolate

Chocolate as an aphrodisiac has been debated for years. But, there is some science to back up these claims. Chocolate does contain serotonin, that’s the chemical that makes people happy. Even if it doesn’t put women in the mood, it will at least make them a little more joyous.

10. Musk

There have been studies on the effects of human pheromones with the sense of smell. And, what sense closely resembles the male sex hormone? Musk. It wouldn’t hurt to invest in some cologne or oils that contain musk as the main ingredient.

9. Cucumbers

Get your mind out of the gutter. Science has shown that the crisp, fresh-with-a-hint-of-sweet-and-bitter smell found in the vegetable will increase blood flow to a woman’s clitoris. Even if that didn’t work, at least you’ll be getting your daily veggie intake. Which is kinda important.

8. Hot Peppers

Hot and spicy foods may not sit well with all of us, but they have been a proven aphrodisiac. Peppers, such as chile and cayenne, achieve this by releasing endorphins (natural painkillers), as well as, raising your body temperature and heart rate (this creates a sexual flush).

7. Peppermint

This fresh scent is supposed to keep you awake, alert and energized. All important factors if you’re trying to get your woman to the bedroom after a long day of work.

6. Lavender

Lavender is such a popular and trusted scent in the aphrodisiac department that it’s been called the ‘herb or love’. Lavender has been used to help people relax, relieve headaches and even as an anti-viral treatments. Soundds great to us.

5. Jasmine

Jasmine, and it’s sweet, erotic scent, has been a favorite in India for hundreds of years. It’s been said that using jasmine oil or incense will open the other senses to new experiences.

4. Ylang Ylang

This plant is native to the Philippines and Indonesia and is popular in aromatherapy. It’s unique, sweet scent is supposed to have a calming effect on nervous types, as well as, relieve sexual tensions and anxieties.

3. Patchouli

Some believe that this scent can turn people on by awakening and provoking sexual energy. Even if that’s not the case, patchouli in an incense form is pleasant enough to justify its purchase. Combine the scent with some erotic music and you just set the mood my friend.

2. Ginseng

Ginseng , which means “man root,” has been a favorite aphrodisiac in Asia for centuries. While it may not actually make women lustful,  the root does contain a mild stimulating effect, which will boost energy. Sometimes that little extra energy is all it takes.

1. Vanilla

Vanilla has a sweet, welcoming scent that is euphoric. When consumed, both sexes can feel some sexual stimulation because it combats sexual debilitation.

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