The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should Own

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If you happen to be a fashionable man who keeps up with the latest trends, then you already own a bag. In fact, you’ve known for sometime that a bag should be a part of your wardrobe. But, if you happen to be one the type of guy who has frowned upon owning a bag because it’s perceived as feminine, it’s time to change that mindset. Every man can, and should, own a bag.

Bags, despite the stereotype, are actually masculine and are an important everyday accessory. How else do you think that you’re going to transport all that vital stuff to and from work? You could just carry everything, but that’s just asking for trouble. So, whether it’s for a laptop or paperwork, you definitely need to own a bag for work. And, you could also one for the gym or when skipping town for the weekend.

Since there’s a lot of bags out there, we’ve broken them down to six different bag styles for your consideration. We’re certain that this list will help you find a manly accessory for work and play.

The Briefcase

NYRU1613 226 11 M The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should OwnJack Spade Mason Leather Slim Briefcase

Perhaps the most traditional and widely-accepted type of bag for men. The briefcase is a classic and sturdy accessory for the businessman who is carrying extremely important information. These is a work-only bag and should only be paired with business attire.


Boconi ‘Tyler’ Tumbled Leather Portfolio Briefcase ($200)

Ben Sherman Plectrum Miners Briefcase ($275)

Jack Spade Mason Leather Slim Brief ($375)

J.Crew Padded Briefcase ($374)

Coach Bleecker Slim Brief in Harness Leather ($548)

The Messenger/Newsboy

381589 mrp ou l The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should OwnMr. Porter

Originally used by messengers, hence the name, messenger bags are the cooler and hipper version of a briefcase. Whether you’re a student or commuting through the city for work, a messenger bag is a great assist since it can carry everything from laptops to documents. And, with so many styles and designs, you can find a messenger for any outfit and occasion.

This less formal version of the messenger bag is the the newsboy bag. It’s been said that this is one of the oldest forms of bags, which was originally used by carriers to hold newspapers. This casual bag is perfect for trekking across campus, however, it’s great for dudes who want to make a savvy fashion statement.


J. Crew Abingdon Messenger Bag ($98)

Kenneth Cole Flapover Messenger Bag  ($198)

Jack Spade Waxwear Industrial Day Bag ($295)

Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag ($298)

Property Of…Alfred Work Bag ($329)


The Tech Bag

cache 560 600 0  100 topo designs laptop sleeve black laptop The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should OwnTopo Design Laptop Sleeve

We’re pretty much talking about cases and bags whose sole purpose is to hold your laptops, tablets or smartphones. Perfect if you only need a bag to transport your favorite gadgets.


Herschel Supply Co. ‘Cypress’ iPad Mini Sleeve ($24)

Kenneth Cole Double-Gusset Nylon Portfolio Bag ($119)

Coach Bleecker Tablet Organizer ($298)

Jack Spade Waxwear Davis Brief  ($375)

Jack Spade ‘Tech Oxford’ Slim Laptop Briefcase ($395)

The Duffel/The Holdall

284000 0 45 The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should OwnL.L. Bean Triple-Needle Gym Bag

It doesn’t matter what you call this bag, it’s essential for the traveling man. Whether you’re going to work, the gym or leaving on a jet plane, a duffel bag is a great multipurpose bag that you should invest in. However, make sure you ditch that old nylon gym bag and go with a canvas or cotton option. This allows you to pair this bag with either business casual or weekend attire.


Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle ($90)

Topo Designs 18” Duffel Bag ($98)

J.Crew Abingdon Sporting Duffel ($198)

Jack Spade Waxwear Soft Duffle ($550)

Coach Bleecker Cabin Bag ($898)

The Tote

503214917 product 1 The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should OwnBarney’s Cledran Boston Overnight

This basic design is the contemporary take on the briefcase. And, don’t worry, the open-top tote doesn’t make you any less of a man. These soft leather bags go nicely with business-casual attire and have plenty of room to store documents or a bagged lunch. And, you can even use a tote if you’re going away for the weekend.


Merona Men’s Canvas Tote Bag ($12)

Jack Spade Two-Tone Tote ($38)

Filson Oil Finish Tote Bag ($105)

Coach Bleecker Weekend Tote ($698)

The Backpack

91gy4lHcxgL. SY679  The 6 Essential Bags That Every Man Should OwnHerschel Supply Co. Little America Canvas

If you’re not using the same backpack from high school and/or college, it is acceptable to sport a backpack. Besides being very room – remember all those textbooks you used to stuff in a backpack?- a backpack can be thrown over your shoulders so that your hands are completely free. Perfect for travel and more casual work environments.


Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Bag ($56)

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack ($117)

Jack Spade Foundation Canvas Backpack ($195)

Tumi ‘Arrive’ – Kingsford Leather Backpack ($695)

Hard Graft Old School Laptop Rucksack ($717)

Do you have a bag? If so, which type of bag are you making the rounds in?

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  1. Great list, never really used a tote before- a messenger bag has always been pretty fully functional for all occasions, not sure if i can see myself venturing into getting one although if i have the rest perhaps it’s worth a shot?

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