Winter Style Tips

1 Winter Style Tips
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for those men who have a well stocked wardrobe that doesn’t ignore the cold, frosty realities of winter, this statement can be very true indeed.

However, for those men with winter wardrobes that are lacking, the holiday season is something that has to be survived as opposed to embraced; but a quick read of EveryGuyed’s tips on winter style, you’ll be dashing through the snow, and look good doing it.

Colors That Work For You

2 Winter Style Tips
Snow and ice reflect the sun’s rays and make bright colors harsh to the eye, so stick with darker hues like charcoal and black, especially when you’re in doubt. This isn’t to say that you need to look like you’re attending a funeral four months of the year; introduce colorful accents in the form of honey-toned leather gloves, or a red knit scarf.

Timeless Winter Pieces

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to look your best during the winter months. Men’s clothing collections show fairly little variation from year-to-year, so you can pick up a few staple pieces and they’ll look great year in, and year out.


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The classic winter overcoat has seen relatively little variation in the last fifty years; aside from the usual high fashion deconstructions. Cut long to just past the knee, a coat like this is best bought when it’s made from quality wool. Buy it in a neutral color like charcoal or black, and make sure it’s big enough to accommodate you, your suit, and maybe an extra layer on the coldest days.

Knit Sweater

4 Winter Style Tips
A well-made, warm sweater will serve you well for years. Though this item might conjure up images of sweaters your grandmother made for you, there are countless options out there that will fit beautifully, hugging the body in all the right places.

Tweed Blazer

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A bit stuffy for some, but a classic. A tweed blazer is one of those cold weather choices for men of all ages, the only catch is it requires commitment to pull it off properly; if you seem uncomfortable in it, the look will fall to pieces.

Classic Winter Accessories

In addition to all those pieces, there are a few classic pieces that you can add to your existing outfits to make them winter ready without adding anything that will weigh you down, of break your budget.

Wool Scarf

6 Winter Style Tips
Cashmere, Merino, or whatever wool blend you prefer. Buy a few colors in varying lengths and knits.

Leather Gloves

7 Winter Style Tips
Practical and stylish, every man should own at least one pair. Make sure the gloves are hardy enough to withstand the elements, but lined in order to be comfortable and warm.

Winter Boots

8 Winter Style Tips
It doesn’t matter if they’re Timberlands, Chelsea boots, or whatever else you might find; the important thing here is that they’re comfortable, waterproof, and look good with the bulk of your winter outfits. Other shoes may look good, but a man needs to be a man, and that means being unafraid to step into that slush should a lady need to get by.


There are a few valuable pieces of advice you can keep for the holiday season.

  • Practicality and warmth should be a priority, but avoid looking like your headed for a ski vacation in Aspen.
  • Build wardrobe out of staple items in dark colors; they’ll be visually pleasing against the backdrop of snow, and you can always inject color with your accessories.

Have a few staple pieces for the season that you can keep from year to year:

  • Overcoat: The best outerwear choice. Keep it long, to around the knee. Should fit over a suit comfortably.
  • Knit sweater: Chunky knits or thin wool, it’s up to you. Both look good, so buy based on what looks good on you.
  • Tweed blazer: A seasonal classic. Every man should have at least one.
  • Wool scarf: For the holiday season, it’s essential.
  • Leather gloves: While other gloves are an option, nothing is as stylish and classic as leather.
  • Boots: This is just a matter of being sensible.


Got comments on what clothes look best in the cold? Need more winter wardrobe suggestions? Use the comments box below to get the discussion going!


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