What to Look for in an iPad case

incase ipad cases What to Look for in an iPad case
So you’ve gone ahead and purchased an iPad, and rarely does it leave your grip. Your credit card statement is made up mostly of App store purchases, you unconsciously try to use all screens you encounter as touch screens, and you’ve stopped wondering just what makes those birds so Angry.

Now that you’ve spent a good chunk of change on your precious device, you certainly don’t want it to get damaged. Here we take you through a few things to consider when buying a case for your iPad, to ensure you keep it in top condition, and add a little extra style in the process.


The main thing you want to look for when buying an iPad case is that it will actually protect your prized possession. A spiffy-looking case will quickly lose its appeal if it doesn’t effectively keep your iPad damage-free.

Luckily, these things are built specifically to fit the iPad, so in most cases protection should be the designer’s priority too.

That said, cases with soft lining will help protect your screen from scratches. Also consider what kind of closure the case is equipped with to keep your tablet in place. If you tend to be rough with your technology, look for a case with a full zip closure, so it won’t go anywhere. Other cases may be equipped with buttons, clasps, or magnetic closures, so just be sure to test them out before you buy.

Style and Function

Before purchasing an iPad case you’re going to want to decide what you’re using it for. Is it to protect your tablet while in transit, or are you planning to use it while in the case? Are you looking for something sleek and simple, or multi-functional? Here’s a rundown on various style options that offer varying features and functions:


apple ipad smart cover 834609 g2 What to Look for in an iPad case
They’re simple covers that are designed to magnetically cover your iPad’s screen, and come in varying materials, from plastic to wood. They’re pretty minimal in terms of function, but serve to protect the most important part of the iPad. Apple has released its own Smart Cover for the iPad 2 in a variety of colours.


saddleback leather ipad sleeve 1 What to Look for in an iPad case
A simple carrying option, the form-fitting, slip-entry sleeve provides a cushioned case with zippered closure. It offers a basic, clean look and quality protection as a carrying case, and is available in any number of materials from wool to denim, canvas to leather.


2a72f154ef95485894d61602560d1934 view What to Look for in an iPad case
Performing a similar function to the sleeve, this type of case is designed, as you may expect, with an envelope-like flap opening. Leather envelope-style cases offer a handsome and professional look in any number of colours and finishes. A very businesslike option.


traveller folio case What to Look for in an iPad case
These cases offer all-over protection for your iPad, but flip open like a book for easy access and use. Some are also equipped to serve as a stand for your iPad, so you can have an easy view and both hands free as your prop it up. Folio cases also allow for added storage of items such as paper and pens, should you choose to use such old technology from time to time.


bp gtb6l 01 What to Look for in an iPad case
While bag designers are increasingly incorporating iPad sleeves into their designs, they’re also producing messenger bags and satchels constructed to size, so you can carry your iPad over your shoulder. Equipped with multiple pockets, design and functionality vary based on the bag.


There are any number of quality brands for you to choose from when looking for an iPad case. Technology case makers such as Incase, Hard Graft and Case Mate specialize in this stuff, and you should be able to easily find their products.

If you feel particularly loyal to a certain designer, there’s a good chance they’ve also gotten into the iPad case business. Designers from Ralph Lauren and Jack Spade to Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Burberry, and Dior have all released their own iPad cases. Just be aware that some of these products could cost you a large fraction of what you actually paid for the iPad.

Other considerations

  • Consider when and where you’ll be using your iPad, and make sure your case of choice is suitable for that setting. If you’re using it at work, for example, a more basic, professional-looking case is desirable. If you’re using it on your own time, feel free to go for a fun pattern or design.
  • There are any number of interesting graphic designs you can look for if you so choose – from Andy Warhol prints to Etch-A-Sketch frames.
  • iPad cases vary greatly in price, so be realistic with what you want and need when you’re shopping around. If you go for a reasonably-priced case, you can always buy another one down the road if you please.
  • All iPads look the same until you pick out a case, so make sure you go for one that reflects your personal style.


Whatever you end up using, just be sure to snag up something that fits your lifestyle and your needs. With such a wide range of options and choices available, there’s something for everyone from the jet setting graphic designer, to the mature businessman.


Have a favourite iPad case you think the rest of the world should know about? Looking for one that has specific features you’d love? Let us know in the comments!


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