5 Great Albums That Will Impress Any Girl (& You)

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Music is such a powerful means of expression. One’s choice in tunes generally tells a lot about himself. So how do we use great music to truly get to a woman? Furthermore, when trying to impress a lady with discriminating taste, how do we find the kind of sound that will set up a great time, one where you aren’t at the mercy of the shuffle setting?

We hammered down here at the office, polled thousands and interviewed hundreds of guys & girls to get this list. Well not really, but we did come up with these five suggestions that we think are well worth giving a listen.

Francoise Hardy – The Vogue Years

Francois Hardy The Vogue Years 5 Great Albums That Will Impress Any Girl (& You)
Francoise Hardy is wildly popular French chanteuse who made a true name for herself, as the icon of ye-ye. Mixing standard pop sensibility with folk melodies and big band arrangements, ye-ye was a very unique sound, regional to France. This did not stop the Rolling Stones from taking interest. In fact lead singer, Mick Jagger cites Hardy as the earliest fashion influence on the Rolling Stones.

Her modelesque looks and penchant for leather made her an absolute vision of 60s pop cool. Today, Hardy enjoys both contemporary success and that of an all-out style legend.

The Vogue Years, perfectly captures this ultra hip era of Francoise’s lengthy career and paints a picture of European, post-war, pre-mod freedom. By having this album in your collection, it tells a woman that you are a) worldly, b) mature and c) willing to look beyond the obvious for inspiration.

Invite her over for an evening of wine, French cooking, some French cinema and watch her lashes flutter. If you like this, try Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s album of the same name.

Cat Power – The Covers Record

cat power the covers record 5 Great Albums That Will Impress Any Girl (& You)

Her parents may have named her Chan, but you can call her Cat Power.
Chan Marshall aka Cat Power is an indie folk siren who drapes herself in mystique and morose. But all you need to know is that most chicks love this chick. With a solid discography under her belt, Cat Power has captivated audiences with her whispery and at times troubling tunes.

As dudes, the one record we love is, the Covers Record. Marshall achingly meanders through stripped down skeletal versions of Satisfaction, Lou Reed’s I Found A Reason, Bob Dylan’s Paths of Victory and several other guy oriented classics. As if to take on the male voice and deliver it almost ironically, Cat Power creates a concerning vocal mood, which is perfect for conversation. And as a tip for said conversation, both Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder have quietly backed her musically, on most of her records; a fact your date may not know.

Show a woman you can get down with the female emotion by dropping Cat Power’s Covers Record during you next intimate date. Perfect for lying out on a blanket, under a nighttime sky. If you like this, try Mazzy Star’s She Hangs Brightly.

Jeff Buckley – Grace

jeff buckley grace 5 Great Albums That Will Impress Any Girl (& You)
To utter his name, is to women, tantamount to blasphemy. Let’s say this right now. The ladies ADORE this guy, and rightfully so. The son of folk trubador Tim Buckley, Jeff continued his father’s legacy with painfully emotional tunes, set against a kind of dark production. His voice seems to move around the room like a specter as he hits hard on The Last Goodbye, So Real and of course his now iron clad version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Rugged good looks and an angelic voice made this cat the go-to reference for that broken boy appeal.

Unfortunately, he met an extremely tragic and untimely death in 1997, drowning in Tennessee’s Wolf River. The events surrounding his washed up, clothed body, have created a legend around his music, comparable to that of Gram Parsons or Robert Johnson.

As a guy, you will truly appreciate this album of streetwise romance and of all recorded music, it just might provide the best chance of getting you within spitting distance of first base. FYI, play this card at the right time and you very well may parlay it into a second date to the Tim Buckley biopic due out in 2012. (f you like this, try Elliott Smith – XO.

Lykki Li – Wounded Rhymes

lykke li wounded rhymes 5 Great Albums That Will Impress Any Girl (& You)
One of the critically best albums of 2011, Lykki Li’s Wounded Rhymes has been wowing the girls with its unapologetic feminism set to danceable, alternative music. On the 2010 single Get Some, Li combines rock and electronic to produce a droney, tribal peek at one woman’s anger.

No, this is not your Courtney Love style complaining. The Swedish songstress seems to make a point as to not alienate her male audience. Rather, she reels them in with a progressive sexiness that is oh so refreshing.
This is a perfect contemporary selection that is sure to get your date weak at the knees. Put it on, sit back, and let HER do all the talking. Not a bad little record for the bedroom either. If you like this, try The Kills’ Keep On Your Mean Side.

Florence + The Machine – Lungs

florence machine lungs 5 Great Albums That Will Impress Any Girl (& You)
Florence Welch creates awesome, thoughtful and playful indie rock. Along side her backing band, “The Machine,” her debut, Lungs, was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2010. In fact, Florence & The Machine received a Grammy nomination for best new artist that year.

Her swirling combination of rock, soul and even country, has afforded her an eclectic record, with a little bit for everyone. For example, the White Stripes sounding, Kiss With a Fist, hits heavy on a 1-2 punk beat, that would make Black Flag perk up.

Not the most salacious record ever produced, there is something very calming about it. Lungs reminds a woman that you just may be interested in something other than getting her into bed as soon as possible.

This is an ideal, multi tempo selection for small get-togethers. Guaranteed, if you throw this on at your next backyard party, at least one female will want to bend your ear about it. Shoot back with how excited you are for the release of Florence’s sophomore album due out this summer. If you like this, try Bat For Lashes’ Two Suns.


No one is suggesting a great album will guarantee you a great date. Chances are her taste in music is as diverse as her closet, or yours, being the EveryGuyed reader you are. You’re still going to have to throw down some of that, so-called charm to land a lady, but when you put so much care into how you smell, what you’re wearing and what you’re going to say, don’t leave the soundtrack for a date to chance. Give these selections a try, the next time you’re in a pinch. It just may turn out, that you fall as deeply in love with them as she does with you. Enjoy.


We’re expecting to get some resistance, and argument here. So let it be said that we’d love for you to share your suggestions with us and your fellow readers. Music is highly personal, and equally shareable.


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Andrew Todd

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