Buyer’s Guide: 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dad

1. The Motley Cologne Trio

fragrance trio Buyers Guide: 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dad

Sure, fragrance is a pretty personal preference for any man, but our friends over at The Motley have assembled a great trio of masculine scents that are sure to please the most discerning dads. The Motley Cologne Trio is a collection of three distinct, yet harmonious, scents that together take you on a sensory journey across the globe. From the fresh, citrus-y notes of the Mediterranean coast to the smoky, sensuous fragrances of the Middle East and the traveler who gathers spices and scents along the way, there’s a fragrance to fit every state of mind. $45 at The Motley.

2. ESPN “30 for 30″ BluRay Collector’s Set

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For the father that loves sports (or documentaries, for that matter) you can’t go wrong with this collector’s edition BluRay set of ESPN’s celebrated “30 for 30″ documentaries. Featuring a remarkable group of directors from Academy Award-winners Barry Levinson and Barbara Kopple to Academy Award-nominees John Singleton, Steve James, Ron Shelton, as well as two-time MVP Steve Nash and legendary rapper Ice Cube, each filmmaker provides their unique perspective to some of the most extraordinary sports stories in the last 30 years. On sale for only $33.49 at Amazon.

3. Ursa Major x Topo Designs “Scout Set”

UM SET4 584446 1024x1024 Buyers Guide: 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dad

From Vermont brand Ursa Major comes this fantastic travel grooming set made in collaboration with Colorado’s Topo Design. The kit features a selection of 4 of Ursa Majors all-natural grooming products: Fantastic Face Wash, Stellar Shave Cream, Fortifying Face Balm, Essential Face Wipes. These products come packaged in a fantastic, Made in the US dopp bag created specially for Ursa Major by Topo Designs. It’s everything the traveling man needs to maintain clear, healthy skin. $54 at Ursa Major.

4. “Breaking Bad” BluRay Collector’s Edition

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The tale of a New Mexico chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and takes to cooking meth to provide for his family, Breaking Bad is – as creator Vince Gilligan put it – “Mr Chips meets Scarface”. Quite possibly one of the greatest television dramas to ever exist, Breaking Bad redefined what was possible on television: bringing cinematic level visuals and plotlines to the small screen. Combined with the stellar acting of Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad will surely stand the test of time and set the bar for everything that comes after. This collector’s edition BluRay is the perfect entertainment for your dad to binge on over his holiday (trust us, he will). $300 at Amazon.

5. Kaufmann Mercantile “EDC Kit”

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From our friends at Kaufmann Mercantile comes this stylish and practical “EDC” kit. The company that makes these keychain tools also supply goods to the U.S. Military, local police forces, firemen and serious survivalists. Needless to say, nothing is made shoddily and they use the strongest materials most appropriate for the job. Included in the ‘kit’ are: Screwdriver, Capsule Lighter, Tweezers and a Pry Bar. $59 at Kaufmann Mercantile.

*Lead Image: Lilyshop.com

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