5 Movies To Watch in 2013

5 Films To Watch In 2013

With the Academy Awards wrapping up last night, we here at EveryGuyed think it’s time to look forward to the films of 2013. Granted, we haven’t seen any of these…
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How to Wear a White Suit

Often consigned to a category entitled ‘novelty suits’, the white suit has gotten a bad rap recently. On figures like Diddy it cuts an ostentatious, flashy figure; a symbol of…
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Happy International Surfing Day!

To celebrate International Surfing Day, Globe gives us this fantastic conceptual surf film titled, “Electric Blue Heaven”. Travelling to the Middle East to surf the world’s largest wave pool, surfer…
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How to Choose Rainwear

What to Look for in Rainwear

This article originally started off more like a guide to stylish pieces of rainwear – which is all well and good – but it kind of missed the core point…
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