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Okay, so mimicking the style of a man like Jude Law isn’t a recipe for actually looking like him. Unless you happen to be a chiseled, dashing Brit yourself; but that doesn’t mean you can’t co-opt a few of his style points to improve your overall look.

You won’t have his bank account, or his notoriety, but you will have some of that perfected British look.

The Look

Law’s look is elegant in its simplicity, with the actor often donning clean, classic items and the absence of adornment. Best of all, the items listed below can all be had for relatively little money and are foundational pieces that you can incorporate and combine with almost any existing elements of your wardrobe.

Law’s look is elegant in its simplicity, with the actor often donning clean, classic items

The Elements

A few key elements go into Law’s effortless look, here are the essentials:

The Slim Black Suit Jacket

This is one instance where you don’t need a movie stars budget to have their wardrobe. Law often wears slim-cut suits from ASOS, which can be had at some pretty reasonable prices.

The key here is to opt for the most minimal patterning and the most basic colors. Fit should be trim to the body, but not so slim as be/seem uncomfortable.

Designer Jeans

When paired with the suit jacket mentioned above, a pair of dark quality jeans strike a casual note with an element of thoughtfulness.

Straight-leg or boot-cut are ideal, and preferably any jeans you choose should be in a solid wash; no tears, bleaching, or distressing unless you yourself have done it naturally over years of wearing and washing.


Law understands that a man looks his best when he’s comfortable, and for that reason he’s often photographed wearing a simple pair of clean running shoes. Look for iconic sneakers with classic silhouettes, like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance.

A Scarf

This is a key piece as the mercury drops and winter takes its hold. Law often pairs a light, high quality wool scarf with his ensembles as a way to inject a heightened sense of personality and pattern into his minimalist looks.

Always purchase the highest quality wool you can afford, and opt for a scarf that’s finely woven so that it’s comfortable and warm, without unnecessary bulk to it.

When paired with a trim suit jacket, a pair of dark quality jeans strike a casual note with an element of thoughtfulness.


It may not seem like Law has a lot going on with his outfits to garner attention, but that’s just the point. By taking a few, classically minimal pieces and combining them tastefully, he elevates the individual elements into a more cohesive, stylish look.

  • Choose a slim-fitting blazer in a simple, dark colorway.
  • A slim-cut pair of jeans, preferably in a dark wash and with little to no artificial distressing
  • Look to classic sneaker brands and try their most iconic silhouettes
  • As the mercury drops, consider throwing a high-quality wool scarf into the mix for warmth and depth of style


Have another actor who’s style you try to emulate? Found a great piece at a great price? Let us and your fellow readers know about it!


Erik Adler

Erik Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for Alpha Brand Media. An avid cyclist, when he's not working he can be found restoring vintage bikes for his collection. Proud Estonian. Not so proud Ticats fan.
Erik Adler

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  1. jude is one of the most elegant men i have ever seen. it stems not only for his impeccable taste in style but his carriage, diction, confidence in who he is….i never tire of looking at this beauty.

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