How to Dress for Game Day

How to dress for gameday How to Dress for Game Day

You’ve got your tickets bought, your day planned, and now you’re reading to figure out how you’re going to dress for game day. It can be difficult, can’t it? You want to show some pride, but you’re not keen to be that one guy with the oversized foam finger and the starting Quarterback’s name painted on his chest. So what’s a fan to do? Drop the face paints, and read up on EveryGuyed’s How to Dress for Game Day.

Wearing the Colors

The obvious choice is to get kitted up in support of the team, and we’d be hard pressed to say no. While there are some people who might think that wearing the colors can be a bit un-stylish, we say that team loyalty is always in fashion.

Be sure your team shirt fits. We too often see fans done up in XXXXL football jerseys that come down to the knees, or drowning in an XL hockey jersey. Unless for some reason you’re rocking all the official padding, you really should be wearing something that fits you reasonably.

An alternative for somebody who’s been at the office all day is the team scarf. Impossibly popular with soccer fans and gaining ground in other leagues, a brightly colored team scarf can do you well on days when you can’t ditch the suit and tie before kick-off / tip-off / the puck drops. It’s a great way to get into the spirit without getting into a replica mascot costume.

Going as a Neutral

Though much of the EveryGuyed has a side that they cheer for, we understand that some of you lot have no predilections for any team whatsoever. Weird to the diehards out there, but we at EveryGuyed have covered this eventuality.

As a neutral supporter, you should try and avoid colors that affiliate you with any team or side. If, for instance, you get corralled into attending a Green Bay vs Minnesota game, avoid purple or green. Try donning some more contemporary athletic wear like a nice hoodie/t-shirt/ball cap.

In any case, you should be dressing well, not dressing down. You’re still going to be in public so don’t take this as a chance to slouch. That means, clean, well fitting clothes. You don’t need your Sunday best, but you never know who you might run into!

Specific Sports

Different sports are played in different weathers, different stadiums, and different conditions. EveryGuyed preps you for five of the most common sports you might encounter.

American football

The NFL is played in open-air/closed stadiums through the fall and winter, so prep for cold weather is key in some regions. Mittens, scarves, thermoses, and blankets are not uncommon during the bitterest winter games. Be sensible. There’s nothing manly about freezing yourself stupid before halftime. Also, when the mercury drops, a flask filled with some of the good stuff is a great accessory for any outfit.


NBA basketball is exclusively played in climate controlled stadiums, making this a bit of an easier choice. The temperature inside most stadiums tends to be a bit brisk, so it wouldn’t be a bad decision to wear a jacket over your jersey. And while we’re at it, we’d suggest putting a t-shirt underneath team jerseys – there’s no need to give everybody tickets to the gun show.


Played outdoors in the warm weather months, short sleeves are a given. Baseball caps are advised to keep the sun out, but please, wear your cap like a man – stickers off, brim forward.


Played indoors by toothless Canadians and Europeans, hockey stadiums are kept cold. Bundle up. You don’t want to look bulky, so consider a nice, fitted thermal shirt underneath your hockey jersey.


Much more popular overseas than in North America, the soccer season runs from August to May, with major international tournaments happening during the summer of even numbered years. Dress for the weather, with heavy coats and scarves in the winter, and short sleeves in the summer. All major soccer stadiums worldwide are open-air. Certain leagues still feature terraces, so bring a comfortable pair of sneakers, if you’re going to be standing.

Do’s & Don’t’s

Too much for you? Just stick to this abridged version of the article, which should help you along.

  • Do: Dress for the occasion! Jerseys, team scarves and the like are welcome. If you can’t wear them here, where can you?
  • Don’t: Ignore the basic rules of style. Jerseys should fit properly, and not like a kid wearing his dad’s shirt.
  • Do: Get excited. We do dislike fans who sit on their hands the whole game.
  • Don’t: Be stupid. That doesn’t mean you need to get four friends and paint your chests. Or faces. Just cheering and giving the visiting team a bit of light abuse is alright by us.
  • Do: Dress for the weather. Hockey stadiums are cold. Dress warm. Soccer is played outdoors. Bring raingear, if you expect rain.
  • Don’t: Bring too much. Stadium seats are generally ungenerous, and hauling around a thermos, blanket, parka and enormous foam finger is going to get tiresome. Especially when it’s not even cold out. Be smart about it.

With these simple rules, you should be able to make the most out of your day at the stadium. And try not to get too badly burned at the concession stands.


Playoff predictions? Fantasy team favorites? Use the comments section to get the discussion going.


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  1. hockey jerseys are cut for padding. size down to get a slim fit and the sleeves will end up laughably short and you will look silly. better solution, layer hockey jersey over hoodie.

  2. I am usually able to come up with a snarky comment for something this stupid. I am struck dumb. This article is, at best, Sarah Palin-level stupid. How’s that?

    • Sarah Palin – level. That’s quite the comparison! It’s unfortunate you were struck dumb and not ‘dumbstruck’ – at least this would be something you could recover from!

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